According to our research, this person will be:

Dead at 86

Probable Cause:

Sealed For Privacy

Heartwarming Stories

"My grandfather passed away five months ago, I was sad, for he was very attached to ele.E he loved me very much! And loved him too !! I have no regrets because I did everything that had to be done! I thank God for that!"
—GA, Santo Antônio do Monte

"No one who I've been very close to has died. One acquaintance that was more a friend of a friend, who I still miss a lot anyways, but yeah."
—Why, Home

When Will Your Friends Die?

Interesting Facts About Death

  • In America, the average life span for males is 72.5 years
  • The average for females is 77.1
  • On earth, someone dies every 2 seconds or so.
  • So far, the only proven way to extend the human life span is by slowing the metabolism with a calorie-restricted diet—consuming less than 1200 calories a day!
  • The oldest person on record was 124 when she died!
  • The youngest was just 1.2 seconds old.
  • Blue whales can live more than 500 years, due to the slowing arctic waters.
  • An adult mayfly usually lives less 24 hours.
  • All members of the species of mouse commonly used in lab experiments, mus musculus musculus, are genetically identical and to some degree share memories of other mice’s past lives.

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