Nerd Nite @ Galapagos Art Space

Friday, Apr. 19 – 7:00PM Star Trek Next Gen costumes, Bionic Men, and the Financial Crash, oh my! Our April 2013 Nerd Nite features a great array of presentations. Join us for presentations about the merger of man and machine which is reviving the age-old dream of immortality, the clothing of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the real mistakes that caused the financial crisis. And since trivia was so huge in March, it's back again, so form a team, try to beat the new high-score that was just set by team NFC (congrats!), and win even more of our vastly improving prizes!

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Presentation #1
The Bionic Man is Here
by Mark Alpert

Description: "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." It was science fiction back in the Seventies when Lee Majors played the Bionic Man on TV, but now it's real. Quadriplegics are testing bionic arms, the FDA just approved the bionic eye, and researchers have wirelessly linked rat brains, allowing rodents to share their thoughts. Mark Alpert, contributing editor at Scientific American and author of EXTINCTION, gives an update on the rapidly advancing field of brain-machine interfaces.

Bio: Mark Alpert is a contributing editor at Scientific American and the author of EXTINCTION(Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press), a new science thriller about the merger of man and machine. A longtime science journalist, he specializes in writing novels that incorporate real theories and technologies. His earlier books - FINAL THEORY and its sequel, THE OMEGA THEORY - have been published in more than 20 languages. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.

Presentation #2
Oops We Did It Again: The Assumptions that Underlie Many Widely Used Financial Models
by David Cru

Description: The Russian government would never default on its debt: In 1998, that assumption led to the collapse and subsequent $3.5 billion bailout of one of largest and supposedly most sophisticated hedge funds, Long Term Capital Management, a fund that boasted two Nobel laureates, Myron S. Scholes and Robert C. Merton. Thirteen years later, MF Global made a $6.3 billion bet on European sovereign debt on the expectation that "Europe wouldn't let these countries go down." Following the 2008 financial crisis and the spectacular failure of risk management, we must examine the false expectations that led these and other institutions astray. From CAPM to credit default probability matrices, this presentation will explore the often impractical assumptions that underlie modern finance.

Bio: David Cru is a quantitative financial analyst and no stranger to crisis. His career has followed the irrational exuberance and shocking declines of his lifetime. David began his studies in information technology during the tech bubble and graduated after the dot-com bust of 2001. His graduate studies in advanced mathematics led him to join one of the largest hedge fund-of-funds in 2005 as a quantitative risk intern. Capitalizing on industry assumption earned him a Ph.D in 2010 and a front-row seat to the biggest financial meltdown of our era.

*Presentation #3
Fashion It So: The Clothing of Star Trek: The Next Generation
by Anna Marquardt

Description: A television show set in the 24th century, filmed in the 20th century, and viewed through 21st century eyes is bound to look a little strange. And yet many of the costumes featured on Star Trek: The Next Generation might be at home on the runway today. We'll explore the costumes that worked, those that didn't, those that presaged the the future of fashion, and those that were rooted in the past. Let's judge the holodeck's period costumes and count how many jumpsuits Deanna Troi wears! Also we'll evaluate how Geordi LaForge looks in a Jheri curl.

Bio: Anna Marquardt does a bunch of things, but the mild internet fame she enjoys - as a result of being one of the co-writers of the blog Fashion It So, which documents the fashion on Star Trek: The Next Generation - is one of her proudest accomplishments. When it comes to this talk, she has credentials other than a profound love of clothes and also of Jean-Luc Picard.
Galapagos Art Space 16 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY DUMBO
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