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Help and FAQ

All about OkCupid, how it works, and how to get around. Much more useful than our actual FAQ page.

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Update Failed. Your current password is needed to change anything on this page by Fajitas-N-Ritas posted Yesterday – 5:34pm

Questions From Us To You

Every once in a while we get the crazy urge to ask our lovely users their opinions on OkCupid. This is where that hot action happens.

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New Site Design questions / comments by AirCupid posted Oct 4

Match Questions

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If you flipped three pennies, what would be the odds that they all came out the same? by eat-pray-die posted Sep 30

Rants & Raves

Love a feature we added? Hate a change we made so much you're frothing at the mouth? Post your rants and raves about OkCupid here.

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Moderation issues by sandyvs posted Today – 6:13am

A-List General Discussion A-List

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A-List Expiration Date by alcachofacorazon posted Oct 6

Only A-List members are allowed to view and post in this section.

Success - Failure

Did you meet your Significant Other on OkCupid? Are you getting married? Were your new match's pictures a wild departure from what they looked like in person? Post all your successes and failures here.

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Anyone who says "looks don't matter"... by PackLeader87 posted Today – 7:00am

Date Suggestions

Your woo of the week agreed to meet you in person, but now you're at a loss on where to go and what to do. Help your fellow OkCupidians plan dates or get help planning dates here.

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Did I Give My Number Too Soon? by sarahbop posted Yesterday – 4:26am

Profile Suggestions

Help others with the content of their profile or get suggestions on your own.

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critique on profile by stylele posted Yesterday – 6:02pm

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Discussions for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Questioning users.

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how could anyone enjoy being the receiver of anal sex? by eat-pray-die posted Oct 2


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LETS PLAY BANG OR PASS - redux by roxxr posted Today – 7:04am

Life Advice

Seeking any help that doesn't fit into the "Love Advice" forum? Post here.

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MGTOW by Sushibitch posted Today – 7:26am

Dating Advice

Post questions here, and you'll get advice from the OkCupid community. Everyone: be gentle.

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FAKE profile by roxxr posted Today – 6:36am


Discussions about life and love.

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Let's Romance With Robots by roxxr posted Yesterday – 10:08am

Hello Quizzy

Hello Quizzy is where tests are fun! Discuss interesting tests, tips and tricks for test creation, and get feedback for your latest test.

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Best animated movie ever? by Uncle_Sulky posted Oct 3

Alternative Lifestyles

If you are worried about offending the mainstream post here.

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Teleiophilia by La-Ritournelle posted Today – 5:29am

Unmitigated Drama

For people who love that sort of thing.

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Let's write a happy story together. (five words each, please) by La-Ritournelle posted Today – 5:30am

Get Togethers
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Past Meetups

Interested in seeing what cities have had events, or sharing pics and stories from meetups you've already attended? Post here.

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Please review by i_am_RickyTko posted Sep 29

Group Meetups

Want to plan or attend a group OkCupid meetup in your area? This is the place!

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Geeky West Suburban Chicago Meetup Idea by tripfrog posted Sep 15