Sep 13, 2012

New thread, same story. This thread exists as a place for the flagmod community to discuss what is currently happening, views on voting and improving the flagmod experience, and point out large scale attacks from bots or spammers.

For all new mods just finding out about Flagmod, as well as veteran mods who are looking for a central source of flagmod knowledge here is an incredibly useful compilation of Flagmod practices and tips put together by one of our members, Ceij:

In general in this thread:

  • Be courteous
  • Keep on topic
If you discover what appears to be an influx of spammers/bots, please post in this thread with several examples of the profiles, and feel free to send me a message as well.

Sep 13, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new.

Awesome you have Ceij's FAQ linked. As a way of keeping another 'mirror' of links to Ceij's material and other relevant topics, I have created the following post as well:

Resources for volunteer OkCupid moderators/voters (original URL)

Resources for volunteer OkCupid moderators/voters (short URL)



Sep 17, 2012

"Quick question - how do you tell if a photo is from local broadcast in flagmod? For some photos I would see several comments that it's from local broadcast so doesn't need to show the user, but it's not apparent how someone would know that."

Here's my Journal post about Local Broadcasts:

Flagmod Tips, Local Broadcasts

I agree with what Sandy and Aussie said in that Local Broadcasts rarely appear in Flagmod and that many voter comments demonstrate that the voter doesn't know what a Local Broadcast is.


Sep 11, 2013



28 minutes ago

So is there a concise list of signs someone is a scammer? And also does anyone know what reasons there are for these fake accounts? Is it for getting people's personal info or linking to phishing sites etc?

It's about money. Follow the money. First they suck you into their sob story, and then eventually they need money.

They want your ID so they can sell your ID to get money. 

They have a sick daughter who needs an operation, please send money.

They lost their passport and wallet and can't pay their hotel bill, please send money.

It's usually presented as a loan - they will certainly pay you back just as soon as they get home. (sure)

They aren't living where their profile says they live - they are on a trip, working for a few months elsewhere - that's why you can't meet or telephone them easily.

After you've read a dozen Nigerian scammer messages, and a dozen messages from a guy working away from home for an engineering firm, you'll begin to get the gist of their patter.

Imagine a poor uneducated guy with a lousy Internet connection and an old computer sitting under a palm tree trying to scam rich 'first world' victims out of money.


Oct 22, 2014

Ok, what is the consensus on pictures like this?


May 5


May 5


Sep 13, 2012

Great! Question; do new mods get any kind of direction to the forum/this thread?


Sep 13, 2012

I left a kitten in the old thread. Can I get it back?


Sep 13, 2012

Aww, poor kitten.

On the serious side, can we have access to the previous thread (albeit locked down and archived like the other old ones)?

I have a lot of links to staff comments in that thread so the skeptical can see for themselves or for those that want to see the full context of the discussion.

Pretty please? ;)


Sep 13, 2012

I was recently offered a volunteer mod position, and I undertook it knowing what would be involved (or so I think).  I have read at least pages 155 through 17x of the last forum thread, and several others, and have taken many things away for thought.  Especially in regard to this being a community which, “within reason”, can evolve on its own and set standards by consensus.  I keep Ceij’s pages at ready access for reference; thank you for all you have offered on your Journal, they are truly helpful.

 As a new mod I would like to see a “Mod Introduction” Journal or Thread which summarizes, briefly the TOS, as such relates to what a Mod should look for beyond the posted Guidelines.  With a direct link to the thread on the Guidelines page, so that mods can use such as a reference while voting.  Also, I would like to open a discussion about the possibility of clarifying several items within the Guidelines themselves.  Specifically, what is considered an Extreme Close Up, and given that most of the Users of the site are not Alist members (therefore not able to create alternate albums), what should be allowed within the profile photo album.  Additionally, the unstated requirement of Face Photos; many users need their safety protected and I have a hard time voting for deletion of a profile photo which the face is obscured.

All thoughts and flames would be appreciated.


Sep 13, 2012

I am not a FlagMod but I have reported and flagged pictures and comments... and I have had some of my pics flagged... and some removed.

In my own experience dealing with the flagging process, I do not see a lot of conformity, fairness and consistency with what is allowed and what is not.  ... i.e. the ubiquitous Extreme Closeup is objectively judged differently by the various flagmods...  sometimes the very same pic is removed and sometimes not.  

For those that have visited my profile in the past, I am specifically speaking and my feet and legs pictures that in my opinion are not an ECU...   things that I consider an ECU are an Extreme Closeup of someone's eye, or a users teeth and lips, or an arm tattoo... those things have been and are on various profiles as I write this and don't seem to be subject to the same rules that I am subject to.   I have had pictures removed and then uploaded the picture again and it stays.

OK now, where do I sign up to be a FlagMod ... without fail I will follow the TOS and the guidelines... and I will do as good as job or better than what I have seen in my experience.

Send me a private message or make a salient comment here that addresses my points above and my request to become a FlagMod.




Sep 13, 2012

To become a moderator you first have to have killed another profile. Then a messenger will appear to you while you are sleeping and tell you to meet at a specified motel for further initiation rites.

At least I think that's how I did it...

Anyone else have the same experience?


Sep 13, 2012

I'm getting really sick of mods who refuse to vote to delete pictures that clearly violate the guidelines on the grounds that 'the user has other pictures, so it's okay'. It says right when you're uploading a picture that it has to be a picture of you, not of your dog, not of your commute to work, not of the cake you baked, etc etc. I see a lot of comments to the effect of "Let's stop wasting time deleting pictures that don't hurt anybody and spend more time deleting the scammers", when we are in fact wasting MORE time if a picture that violates the guidelines doesn't get deleted, then ends up being flagged again and going through the mod queue again.

... I feel very strongly about this, apparently. :P There's also been a recent spate of mod remarks just saying, 'proof?', when if they took five seconds to google any random phrase from a flagged profile or GIS a flagged picture, the proof would be right the hell there.

Come on people. If an already insanely easy job is too hard for you, there's nobody forcing you to click that 'Moderation' link.


Sep 13, 2012

I agree about the lazy ones that won't look up proof of violations, but I'm actually one of the ones that let the pics slide if there are a bunch of clearly recognizable other pics in their profile gallery already.

As Ceij can certainly tell you, staff has made it clear on a number of occasions that they expect people to in some sense fine-tune how the content rules are implemented in practice via their choices while voting. While blatant and offensive violations should (IMHO) be followed more strictly, I think a lot of people vary on the acceptability of what one might consider a 'soft' violation, ie some pics out of a large collection are not technically compliant, but a number of others are, and there are no blatant violations like hardcore sex pics, blatant profiteering, scamming, etc.

Things were different a couple years ago when users could only have 5 profile pics, and IIRC staff has mentioned exactly that in the past when pointing out that people are encouraged to interpret some of that stuff broadly.

There are some people that seem to really really really need absolute diamond-hard inflexible rules for everything, but people's opinions vary on that, and bear in mind that there are also people who even you might think are too rigid in their interpretation of the rules.



Sep 14, 2012

I still wonder if there's any way for a picture to lose immunity.  I'd be much more liberal if there weren't a chance of someone posting their pet, getting a pass because they had other pictures up, only to then make the pet their main.

Corn:  Flagging only begins when some random user feels the need to press the button, and then has to go through mods who may or may not be liberally inclined.  Even if the second part were standardized, the first remains completely arbitrary.


Sep 14, 2012

Another important point is for those of you who are high-profile users - ie post a lot on journals and forums etc - you WILL get more attention, and thus more scrutiny, which inevitably will include people inclined to nitpick your profile pics or something else on your profile.

It's not usually (though sometimes is) because you're getting singled-out for harassment, it's just that a lot more people are looking at your profile. (And possibly those people are more likely to be experienced users familiar with the content-flagging system here, since forums/journals are hard to use or even find these days for new users here)



Sep 14, 2012

I just want to thank everyone who's voted to be tolerant of me:)


Sep 14, 2012

SFG , what pics don't you let in if there are other pics in thier group? or do you let everything in?



Sep 14, 2012

Well, I know someone who took the little gray heart and made a picture of THAT and used it, and even IT got flagged, lol:)

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