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Help and FAQ

All about OkCupid, how it works, and how to get around. Much more useful than our actual FAQ page.

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how to spot a scammer. by sarahbop posted Just now!

Questions From Us To You

Every once in a while we get the crazy urge to ask our lovely users their opinions on OkCupid. This is where that hot action happens.

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What's Going on in Flagmod / Report Moderation? by AriadneCrete posted Today – 2:04pm

Match Questions

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"Wherefore art thou Romeo!" What does "wherefore" mean in this context? by Naturegurl1 posted Nov 22

Rants & Raves

Love a feature we added? Hate a change we made so much you're frothing at the mouth? Post your rants and raves about OkCupid here.

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Where did the stars go??? by MyNameIsntAlex posted Today – 3:11am

A-List General Discussion A-List

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unblock my messages by Berkzerk posted Today – 1:59pm

Only A-List members are allowed to view and post in this section.

Success - Failure

Did you meet your Significant Other on OkCupid? Are you getting married? Were your new match's pictures a wild departure from what they looked like in person? Post all your successes and failures here.

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Failure - Coffee Date by Jackie_tack posted Today – 2:11pm

Date Suggestions

Your woo of the week agreed to meet you in person, but now you're at a loss on where to go and what to do. Help your fellow OkCupidians plan dates or get help planning dates here.

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How do I plan a date with this girl? by fizzlykittens posted Today – 12:46pm

Profile Suggestions

Help others with the content of their profile or get suggestions on your own.

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Guys. Come on, try to pick me up - lets see how you do! by DaringVoyager posted Today – 2:25pm

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Discussions for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Questioning users.

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Add trans identities to OkCupid by Donnie_Walsh posted Today – 9:34am


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women with sexy legs on okstupid by BiggestCockEver posted Today – 8:00am

Life Advice

Seeking any help that doesn't fit into the "Love Advice" forum? Post here.

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CWESQ's Trial Balloon by CWESQ posted Nov 20

Dating Advice

Post questions here, and you'll get advice from the OkCupid community. Everyone: be gentle.

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Why am I not getting responses from OkCupid girls? by ctsnola posted Today – 12:36pm


Discussions about life and love.

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Some Bigger-Than B-Cups by FrokTeling posted Just now!

Hello Quizzy

Hello Quizzy is where tests are fun! Discuss interesting tests, tips and tricks for test creation, and get feedback for your latest test.

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Can you tell if the lady you've been dating is ready to have sex with you? by Jackie_tack posted Today – 4:19am

Alternative Lifestyles

If you are worried about offending the mainstream post here.

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wargame by La-Ritournelle posted Nov 22

Unmitigated Drama

For people who love that sort of thing.

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ABC...word game: Another Agonizing Attempt At Anything by BiggestCockEver posted 3 minutes ago

Get Togethers
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Past Meetups

Interested in seeing what cities have had events, or sharing pics and stories from meetups you've already attended? Post here.

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Please review by La-Ritournelle posted Jan 19

Group Meetups

Want to plan or attend a group OkCupid meetup in your area? This is the place!

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Philadelphia - Mill Creek Farm Weed Dating by myrtlepurtle posted Oct 1