Jan 27, 2013

Hey Johan... do you not post that script stuff to any more?

I'd be inclined to post a link in my FAQ to some of those scripts but I tend to prefer stuff where the page at least describes what the script does to non-geeks. ;-)

Opera now finally has both a Greasemonkey interpreter called "Violent Monkey" (always had the ability to install user custom javascripts but the process wasn't friendly) and a Stylish add-on.



Jan 28, 2013

Only those occasional times when someone requests it (most of my user scripts probably have just one user :-) – here goes:

Thanks for the Opera add-on reference; I hadn't heard of that one. I hope it wraps all the Opera UserJS awesomeness tech; it would be a shame if it was as limited as its otherbrowserly competitors. ;-)


Jan 28, 2013

Ah, thanks for putting it up there - linked in my FAQ.

I haven't actually tried the Violent Monkey thing yet beyond just installing the extension, it's on my biiiiiig to-do list. ;-)




Nov 7, 2013

I find that none of the questions that I created show up in the results using those querystring parameters e.g.:

Yet, my questions do show up in "Questions I created." Makes me think the index that this uses hasn't been updated in a long, long time - or for whatever reason OKCupid staff manually picks and chooses which questions that want to be searchable.


Oct 6, 2014

Is it possible to make a user script that will omit profiles from search results where my age is out of their desired age range?

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