Oct 11, 2008 7:54am

Hi, Is there a mobile phone version of Okcupid? Seems like this would a great to check your cupidmails while on the go. Mike

Oct 11, 2008 9:03pm

I was able to get it working on PalmOS (via Opera mini) and WinMobile 6 (via Opera Mobile) in the past.

However some things here have changed since then. On the upside, the new IM doesn't require flash, which potentially makes it compatible with a lot more mobile devices. On the downside, the new scripts that facilitate the IM cause more overhead, which isn't so good on a low-powered mobile device.

Oct 12, 2008 3:41pm

There should be an okcupid iphone app

Feb 10, 2009 4:13am

ive been struggling with this one for a while, i use a blackberry and spend more time on my phone than i do on a computer currently, and while surfing on the bb is doable, the content and extras are extremely overwhelming, haha every option is listed even the normally hidden ones i would love to see a mobile.blahbalh site or something like a bb/iphone app for browsing matches, sending ims and messages and simple stuff like that as was mentioned by people in other posts in other places, keep a lot of the things here on the site to keep the traffice and give some basic speed functionality to mobile users ;) /beg haha seriously though, im sure coding up a bb app would be easypeasey to handle match browsing, match questions, im and emails so hook it up ;) and from my experience of browsing mobile apps and sites, its plenty easy to plug some unobtrusive adds into the app or site and specifically target them to a mobile user audience, directed revenue streams ftw ;) food for thought, but food i highly recommend taking a bite of heck, open up some of your api and ill code the darned thing haha

Feb 10, 2009 3:27pm

The site absolutely needs to be optimized for mobile phone access. Unlike all the other sites I visit regularly, it overwhelms my BB and crashes the browser repeatedlyl

Feb 16, 2009 2:38am

It doesn't crash my Blackberry browser it just makes some of the features impossible to use Like I can read messages people send me but it when I go to reply it won't let me hit the "send" button Same thing with the match ?'s. Won't let me hit "submit"

Feb 16, 2009 10:21am

Works on the iPhone.

Jul 11, 2009 12:33pm

where is the ok cupid palm os app u found?


Jul 11, 2009 5:27pm

Saki19:  First of all, you people are resurrecting ancient threads.  That comment of mine about PalmOS was from 9 months ago.

Now if you had read my comment completely you would have seen that I mentioned "Opera Mini".  That is a web browser that can work on a Treo as long as you have a Java runtime installed on it.

IBM once upon a time distributed a free Java runtime for PalmOS, but they removed the file from their public server.  If you want to try it, I can probably either help you find it online, or send you a copy.

In other news - OkC now has written an alternative, cut-down version of the site, which presumably uses one of the mobile/handheld META tags to serve up this lighter version to handheld devices.  Here is the official statement, along with a discussion: LINK




sfguyyy_faq  sfguyyy_faq_browser


Jul 12, 2009 9:34am

Try using Skyfire, its a alternate web browser for phones, but it hard on a tiny screen 


Jul 12, 2009 4:08pm

Well i have ATT and it kinda works on my phone but i cant write back to anyone it really sucks. Does anyone know of a phone with Verizon(ill be with them in a few months) that will allow me to use okcupid on?


Jul 12, 2009 8:12pm

sdchicka:  Opera Mini (see this link) works on many many phones and other handheld devices, and should work well with OkCupid.  The Blackberry is one device that Opera Mini reputedly improves the OkC experience on, over the built-in browser.

Other than that, most Windows Mobile smartphones should work, either with their built-in browser, or with Opera Mobile (see this link), which you can install as an add-on.

There are some other likely-compatible browsers available on various platforms, for example NetFront (which is typically included with licensed devices), Fennec and Skyfire.

The iPhone works fine on OkC as well, and reputedly Verizon may have those available on its network next year.




sfguyyy_faq  sfguyyy_faq_browser


Sep 2, 2009 1:59pm

I tried OKCupid on Opera Mini yesterday and it was unusable. Main page wasn't really visible at all. Really my experience with that browser has been awful.


Sep 2, 2009 2:02pm

Hmm... works fine on mine, or enough to read messages which is all I use it for. In Opera's settings try toggling "Mobile View" and see if that makes a difference, I have it turned off.


Sep 2, 2009 2:06pm

You were right, the Opera Mini that I downloaded from the Android Market had "Mobile View" turned *off* by default. WTF.


Sep 3, 2009 6:37am

Apparently there's a mobile mode to the site: They put a link to it on the main page when you're browsing from mobile.

It's more usable, I was able to pull up the site on an EDGE connection so it's substantially smaller. Still pretty slow on account of all the little pictures. Looks pretty cruddy on Android.


Sep 3, 2009 7:08am

okc used to run fine on my android's default browser, until the site updates last spring.  since then it won't load at all.

seeing this thread, i downloaded Opera Mini to my android.  um, maybe i'm stupid?  i can't figure out how to go to a site, any site.  i find 'enter url', type it in, hit the enter key, and nothing happens.  help?


Sep 3, 2009 7:29am

Ugh, yeah, Opera Mini is awful. I think you have to enter a url and then hit Menu and select Go or something. It's really dumb. The mobile version of the site works well enough on Android's browser, certainly better than the full version of the site on Opera Mini.


Sep 3, 2009 11:57am

The iPhone version is decent. Most of the features to edit parts of your profile are gone, unfortunately, and it is difficult to navigate the text field at times, but otherwise it works when checking email, stalkers, etc.

It'd be nice to see an app tho, one similar to the updated Facebook app with a central hub and more accessibility.


Sep 3, 2009 1:53pm

Ugh, yeah, Opera Mini is awful. I think you have to enter a url and then hit Menu and select Go or something. It's really dumb.

i did that & it still didn't  work, when starting from the opera home page.  BUT, if i go to one of the pre-set bookmarks (i used BBC), and THEN choose 'enter url', then it works. kludgey.

The mobile version of the site works well enough on Android's browser, certainly better than the full version of the site on Opera Mini.

how did u get it to work?  is there some way to force the android native browser to try the mobile version?  every okc page i've tried (home, mailbox, and AL forum) just says 'loading'... forever. i have literally left it trying to load for 30 minutes without success.  multiple times, on different days, in case there was a server problem or a lot of traffic or some such.

thanks a bunch,


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