Jan 25, 2013

Nice. Starting next month mcdonald's will have fish mcbites on the menu.


Feb 4, 2013

Slow the fuck down. I'm still warming up to the idea of trying the filet-o-fish.


I'm still pissed off they chose that over the hula burger. 


Feb 5, 2013

filet o fish is the best thing mcdonalds has other than fries.

Feb 6, 2013

Just ate some. They're ok, but I highly doubt they'll be back after this first run is over. They taste like quality fish, but just not as good as the sandwich, to me. But I don't like tartar sauce, so that is part of the reason.... they atste really dry if you don't use some kind of sauce.

Feb 6, 2013

Mayo likes fish sticks.

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