Dec 30, 2012

Hiya! When I upload a picture from my computer or a website, it just hangs on the actual upload (step 2 of 3).

I've tried using both Opera & Internet Explorer & the result is the same.


Any ideas or suggestions?


Dec 31, 2012


Well that's quite a few tabs you've got going there -Pantheist - I hope you have a lot of RAM on that machine. ;-)

I just tried it here with Opera/Win/x64 v12.12 and I have 2 issues:

  1. 2nd step (after picking image) results in a small window which is too small to display the content
  2. Either it hangs at that point or there is something I have to interact with but can't because I can't see the prompt or button required to do so.

I would suggest using the contact link at the bottom of the page to report your details on this, I will do the same. Going to test in a bit on Firefox and see if I have the same issue.



Jan 1, 2013

Just did more tests and filed my bug report.

Can't duplicate the issue in either IE 9 or Firefox 17.01 but definitely something funky going on w/ Opera on step 2 of the upload process.



Jan 1, 2013

Help much appreciated fella, I used Firefox & got a photo uploaded. Will file a report after I catch up on sleep from the past two days. Happy New Year to ya!


Jan 1, 2013

And happy new year to you...



Apr 12, 2014

All my photos are too small to upload.  I tried editing the image and saving it in different ways and nothing seems to work.



Apr 13, 2014

?Maybe? this will help...


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