Jan 30, 2012

Love it? Hate it? Anything you use ALL the time that's missing? The major new feature with the redesign is global notifications -- Staff Robot will light up indicating you have a message, and will show all items of interest when clicked on.


Jan 30, 2012

It seems a bit too compacted, as there is a lot of empty space on the top bar now, but several things in the drop downs. The blue text is super bright, but overall it's the same. I enjoy the highlighting of text being in that bright ass pink.

Are there ads on the top? Adblocks prevents all ads, so I'm just wondering what that black bar is used for.

Is there any way to get rid of the notifications number? Having a number there annoys me if I've already clicked the dropdown and know what's in there.

eta: The pink on the profiles is waaaay bright. I suggest toning down both the blue and pink text a smidge.

eta2: It looks like you can only get rid of notifications listed if you click the person's profile? I don't give a crap about the quiver, and it only takes off a profile view from the list if you click them through that. So basically my notification list is going to eternally go up in number.

I think you should put the beaker back on, it added a nice splash of color to the top corner, which is otherwise just a lot of blue and white.


Jan 30, 2012

They're just ripping off the new gmail


Jan 30, 2012

The old layout was fine. Notifications? I thought I logged into Cupid, not Bookface.


Jan 30, 2012

So far so good. The old design was fine, what was the incentive for the new one? Also why hasn't OK cupid added a button for the forums.

Thats all i have for now


Jan 30, 2012

How about instead of pointless redesigns you bring journals back so I can start trolling people again.


Jan 30, 2012

I like it just as a nice change. I also liked the bright pink text when you want to highlight something.


Jan 30, 2012

I like the new design. I don't like getting new notifications for new profile visitors, though. I can imagine that would be problem for some people, especially a lot of women, who might see that notification number jump into the three digits.


Jan 30, 2012

I like the "IM toggle" at the bottom right-hand side of the page. It enables you to quickly see if your IM is on or off.

So is the "Live Feed" a thing of the past?
(used to enable/disable it from the same "pop-up" menu at the bottom right and I always wanted it disabled)


Jan 30, 2012

I would have thought that a new user may not find the symbol menu items intuitive and personally I preferred the text ones. I also don't think the arrow when you mouse-over the OKC logo makes sense - that's a legitimate thing to do (to go Home / Activity) whereas the arrow makes it look like you should be clicking elsewhere.

Oh and on mine the beaker is linking to Home rather than Tests.


Jan 30, 2012

Hate it. Don't like how crowded it is in one corner, with a wide empty space in the middle. Don't like the blue-on-blue design. Don't like having symbols rather than labels. Rolling over for one dropdown's options and having to click on the Staff Robot for the notification dropdown seems clumsy. I hate how my 3 quiver matches count for 3 notifications, when as it's a feature I don't ever use, I'd rather not get any notification for it.

I don't mind the IM toggle, but I'm curious what's going on with the Live Feed.

I don't care for the hot pink highlights, but I guess it is refreshing to see a different colour than the blue-on-blue scheme going on everywhere.

One thing I do like: I now know that 13% of users believe trees have souls. Completely useless bit of information, but I guess that's kinda fun.


Jan 30, 2012

I do like the bolder, brighter colors, and the hot pink highlighting! Looks a bit more modern somehow.

The IM toggle is nice and simple, although it would be good to have the chat icon click to open a new IM window.

Biggest thing I noticed was missing links to the Forum and Tests. Having an arrow point to the beaker icon when its function is the same as the OkCupid logo is redundant. Why have both when they both point to the Welcome page? Maybe put the beaker at the end of the row, and have it link to Forum/Tests?

@MadelineLime the black bar is for ads as far as I can tell.


Jan 30, 2012


Seconding Ceij's question about the activity feed, which I also (historically) turn off by default. Looks like these are mostly cosmetic top-menu things. Here are my likes:

  • Visual design-wise, I like it fine. Past due for a visual refresh. :P 
  • The new settings pages are a mild improvement.
  • Putting matches/quiver/quickmatch together makes sense.
  • I like Staff Robot's commentary in notifications.. when some list is empty?


Here are my dislikes:

  • Not particularly enamored of notifications from Quiver going into main notification thing. Obviously this gets more page-views but I rarely have an interest in quiver, personally.
  • Did the forum post editor just get changed as well? Seems to be acting wonky and one of the other users commented on this yesterday too.


Some questions:

  • What is the mouseover "arrow" that points from the okcupid logo to the flask? Makes me think I'm supposed to think/do something when I get that.


Here are some random (perhaps slightly off-topic :P ) wishlist items:

  • Still same old limited email functionality. Way overdue for better organizational functionality.
  • Could use an "unhide all" feature.
  • Could use an "un-rate" feature.
  • Not a big fan of "endless scrolling pages" ie in the match list. Prefer regular pagination, much easier to use for me, more reliable/compatible, easier to "keep your place".



Jan 30, 2012

just redirect the domain to plentyoffish already. why bother spreading all the changes over a couple of months? they even took the searchbar out of the homepage.


Jan 30, 2012

I am not a fan. Personally I don't need to be told who visits my profile in my live feed for that I can just go to visitors. 


Jan 30, 2012

@Ceij / Sfguyyy: You can't turn off the activity feed anymore, which is responsible for orbits on the front-page. One of the ideas here is that the same instant notification system might be used to update Staff Robot notifications without reloading a page, and we don't want people turning that off.

Forum post editor: AFAIK No forum code has been touched at all since I deactivated posting for new users. I haven't seen anything unusual happen, but I'll keep a look out.

Mouse-over thing: The intention here was to just be clear about exactly what it does. I'm not really a huge fan of it either, but I do think it's pretty clear.

Mail system: I asked some front-end people a while ago what they thought of using the IM history layout for messages. I.E. sort people by most recent contact, expand their page to see every thread to do with them. Some people seemed to like it, but I'm not sure what will happen there, or when.

Unhide all / unrate people: Unhide-all is definitely a possibility, but un-rating isn't gong to happen.


Jan 30, 2012

Really dislike the changes.

ESPECIALLY are bad for new users. The new menus are horrible for someone who doesn't already know the site.

But we've been expecting stupid changes like this since bought out OKCUPID :-(

Bring back everything that was in the treasure box, especially the picture rating and the OKCUPID blog analyzing user data. 

(Yes I know decided OKCUPID couldn't do the blog anymore, but that was the #1 thing that brought me here in the first place, not their trying to rip off Google's new look)


Jan 30, 2012

Not that I ever used the Quiver much anyhow, but why do Quiver matches not have the match percentages? Since I barely used it before, were they there before?

The only reason why I even went to check the Quiver was to figure out how to erase those 3 notifications, and then you're going to force me to either visit a profile or decide I'm not interested based on a photo and an essay? Doesn't that ignore all the hard work that you've all put into matching algorithms and my work, too, answering questions and taking quizzes and highlighting keywords? Probably better off thinking of 3 as 0.


Either showing me my previous ratings of other users in Quickmatch or some indication that I've already visited a profile. I extremely dislike revisiting a profile where I've already shown up as visitor. OK, I know I could solve this by becoming an A-lister with anonymous visitor privileges, but not ready, if ever, to go over there and find out what all the fuss is about. You all should give some kind of trial visitor pass.



Jan 30, 2012

Summary of my feedback:


- IM toggle is much more obvious

- Account settings / upgrade (and hopefully downgrade) buttons are more obvious


- You got rid of the OKCUPID blog

- You got rid of the picture rating system

- New system is very un-intuitive, and will take a lot longer for new users to learn (this system works for G+ which attracts primarily tech savvy individuals)


Jan 30, 2012

So far pretty neutral on the changes.  The old layout was 'ok', the new layout is 'ok'.. though I agree it feels a little cramped, lots of stuff in one corner then lots of open space.

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