Some say this is true, do Asians have souls!?!


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Aug 21, 2010



Aug 21, 2010

then what did those Mortal Kombat characters do with all the ones they stole?


Aug 21, 2010

I thought they had no eyelids


Aug 21, 2010

I voted yes.  just because its made in china doesn't mean its barefoot.


Aug 22, 2010

I thought they had no silverware...


Aug 22, 2010

Americans have too much soul and just makes them look foolish.  Kind of like the Islamic center protesters and the politicians that sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.



Aug 22, 2010

Pretty sure souls are made up bits of nonsense to assuage our fear of our own mortality. So, no, Asian people don't have souls.


Aug 22, 2010

No, we do not have souls. We were able to see the benefits of being soul-less many centuries ago. For some reason the burning in hell for all eternity thing just never interested us.

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