OkCupid Support

Your Matches

Match Preferences

To change the preferred age, orientation, and location of who you want to meet, edit your “I’m Looking For” settings. This will immediately adjust the matches you see around the site.

Getting Better Matches

To improve the overall quality of your matches, answer more Match Questions. You can learn more about the importance of answering Match Questions on the Match Questions help page.

Hiding Matches

If you keep seeing a profile you don’t want to see anymore, you can hide it. That member will no longer appear in your sidebar matches, Welcome matches, Match Search results, your Visitors list, or anywhere else on the site. Hiding profiles works both ways, meaning that hiding a user will also hide your profile from them; see the Privacy help page for more about this.

To hide a user, visit their profile and click the “Hide” button in the upper-right.

If you’re looking at Match Search results, you can also hide someone by clicking the “Hide” button at the bottom of their card.

Seeing All Hidden Matches

You can see every profile you’ve ever hidden on the Hidden Users page.

Un-hiding Hidden Matches

To un-hide a user, go to that user’s profile. Click the “Un-hide” button in the upper-right corner of their profile.

You may also unhide them from the Hidden Users page. Find the hidden user in the list, and click the “Un-hide” button.

Match Search

Match Search is the best way to find, filter, and sort matches if you know exactly what you want (and what you don’t want). You can search by gender, age, distance, and more.

Set your search options with the dropdowns at the top of the Match Search page. Click any of the dropdowns to change your search preferences, then click the “Search” button to see what comes up!

Sorting Your Results

Whatever your interests, you can use the “Order By” dropdown to choose how your matches are ranked and presented to you.

If you’re not sure, try sorting by our “Special Blend”. We’ll look at many different things—more than just match percentage and last login time—and show some great matches that might not otherwise have shown up. If we told you any more, we’d have to kill you.

Advanced Search Filters

Explore all the options to build the search you want. There are tons of filters, including join date, keywords in profile, height, and more.

If you click one of the search options in the dropdown, a new dropdown will be added to the search form for you to declare your settings. You can add as many Advanced search dropdowns as you like.

A-List-Only Options

Some filters and sorts are A-List exclusive options. You can read more about these on the A-List Upgrade page.