This was where I tried to get athlete's foot. Why?

Well, I knew this guy back in high school who had this enormous sack of some kind of nasty stuff--not pus exactly; it was a pus-like yellow, but almost clear, so maybe it was chicken broth--anyhow, he had a bagful of this junk growing on the back of his neck, just where the hair stopped. It was about as big as half a lemon and tight like a balloon. He was a pretty haphazard guy, punk-rocker and all that, and I guess he got sick of having this juicy thing riding around on him, so one Friday night he drank a half bottle of whiskey, laid down, bit on his middle finger, and had a friend slice the cyst with a scalpel. Someone took pictures. Someone else took him to the emergency room.

So okay, why the Stinkyfeet Project? Nostalgia.

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