• The do you know your r&b Test

    The do you know your r&b Test


    So you think you like R&B, but what do ya know about it? Let's find out shall we..........

  • The horse racing  Test

    The horse racing Test


    Hi! And welcome to my horse racing Test. Otherwise known as the which-end-of-the-horse-goes-in-the-starting-gate-first test. I'll be using advanced lo...

  • The Lifesaving Test

    The Lifesaving Test


    Welcome to the Lifesaving test. I will be using my handy copy of the RLSS book "Lifesaving" to analyse your reactions to various emergency situations...

  • The Darts Maths Test

    The Darts Maths Test

    by dje_wba1984

    Darts has been positively recognised for its maths skills, which has started a catalyst for the British government to begin to promote a scheme to imp...

  • The 2nd DATE WORTHY Test

    The 2nd DATE WORTHY Test

    by Glam1

    This is a test for all you love-sick men out there ACHING for a date with me! Sure, I might go out with you ONCE...but would I call you afterwards? Find out whether there will be a trip to the courtho...

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