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    22 / M / Straight / Christchurch, New Zealand Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Baldur's GateBaldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnBreath of Fire IIIChrono CrossChrono TriggerDark SoulsDemon's SoulsDeus ExDiabloDiablo IIDiablo IIIDisgaeaDragon Quest VDragon Quest VIIIDragon WarriorDragon Warrior VIIDungeon MasterEarthBoundEVE OnlineEverQuestFable IIFalloutFallout 2Fallout 3Fallout:

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    27 / M / Straight / Evans, West Virginia Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    I'm a huge nerd. And a perverse, antiquarian recluse. The fictional character who I most resemble is that of Seymour from the Terry Zwigoff movie Ghost World . That's going be me ten years from now, I'm certain. Like the character Steve Buscemi portrays in the aforementioned film, I can't...

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    30 / M / Straight / Hallstahammar, Sweden Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Oooookay, lets start with this then. I'll start now but probably have to take a break and continue laters.. BOOKS (I'll probably just name the series of books since naming each book in a series would be a lot to write down and I'm lazy). The Kingkiller Chronicle -...

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    38 / M / Bisexual / Bellingham, Washington Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Hoo boy. Anthropology, archaeolgy, paleontology, zoology, philanthropy, philosophy, history, physics, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, classic literature, and humor. I like films that are character-driven, believeable, complex, and cleverly written--do NOT get me started on Prometheus, or...

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    27 / M / Straight / Copenhagen, Denmark Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Film: Matrix, Terminator I+II, Judge Dredd, Ace Ventura, Predator, Star Wars IV-VI, Indiana Jones, Conan the Barbarian, Ro

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    The most pointless interest Test


    There is no point to this test. I guess you *could* call it a compatibility test, which is why I have labeled it as such. The questions are being mad...

  • The How Brian Webber Are You Test

    The How Brian Webber Are You Test


    Hi! And welcome to my quasi-accurate Brian Webber Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. OK that's a lie, I'l...

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    The Know Your Arkle Test


    OK, QuizYourFriends only allows ten questions at a time, and Chatterbean sucks, so I'll be moving all my old Know Your Arkle tests to here for one big...

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    The Hardcore PC Gamer Test


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    The PS2 Gamers Test


    Hi! And welcome to my PS2 Game Test Test. I'll be using advanced research and no guesswork whatsoever (honest) to determine your knowledge of Playstat...

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