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    The Animal Trivia Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Animal Trivia Test. This test measures how much useless encyclopedic knowledge you have about animals. Some of the questions wi...

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    The Holistic Therapies Test


    This test is designed to see how much you know about Holistic Therapies. The more you know, the healthier, happier, and more relaxed life can be for y...

  • The Terrestrial Vertebrates Test

    The Terrestrial Vertebrates Test


    Do you know a marten from a martin? What does it take to make a bananaquit? Find out how well you know your terrestrial vertebrates: amphibians, repti...

  • The Wildlife Identification Skills Test

    The Wildlife Identification Skills Test

    by Contortrix

    This is the new and improved wildlife identification test. I had recieved a number of e-mails indicating that the original was too easy and that I nee...