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    The David Test

    by fado

    In 1975, David was the most popular male name in Northern Ireland.  And in 2008 it claimed the #1 spot in Denmark AND Liechtenstein!  Come see what other fascinating facts you may know or le...

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    The Church of Me Test

    by Dr0wningman

    Due to a rather over-inflated opinion of myself I have decided, after a failed petition to The Church of England to officially be recognised as The Ne...

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    The Meet Me In Montauk Test


    I'm a guy looking for a girl. Should we be together and neither one of us knows it yet? Take this test and see if you're my Clementine.

  • The Trifecta Test

    The Trifecta Test


    Mathematically speaking, The Trifecta is comprised of 1/3 Dawn, 1/3 Bridget, and 1/3 Juliana. This test is designed to calculate which "third" you mos...

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    The would you enjoy my company Test


    Welcome and thank you for exploring my test. This test will essentially determine just how much we are alike; disclaimer - I am already assuming we ar...

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