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    The match, friend, enemy Test


    hello... okcupid has perfectly decent questions that would match you up just fine with me. The questions are about almost anything and everything in ...

  • Are You An Excellent Friend? Test

    Are You An Excellent Friend? Test

    by sheetah8

    Are you an excellent FRIEND? I am not sure If I am :) But may be You? I hope to receive your opinion and recommendations. Thank You ;) (Pictures are from: )

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    The Do You Speak Engrish? Test

    by ajplays

    Hi! And welcome to my Do You Speak Engrish? Test. Each question of this simple test contains a well-known lyric or aphorism translated into another ...

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    The Ultimate Internet Guru Test

    by slapy

    Hey! This test will check how much you know about the web. That means you have to answer questions in four categories: (1) simple stuff (2) popular pa...

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    The I'm so Artsy Test


    Admit it-- you tried to make okcupid report that you're "more artistic" compared to your peers. And you did it for nookie. But it's time to come clean...

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