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    The Foreign Policy School Test


    This test was designed to pinpoint your foreign policy preferences in three areas. The first is your desire to honor and uphold tangible (UN, IMF, et...

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    Information/policy preference test


    This test examines the information effect on views towards globalization and U.S. foreign poicy.

  • The Politics Test

    The Politics Test


    Welcome to my Politics Test. You will be presented with 160 political opinions and given the option to agree, strongly agree, disagree or strongly dis...

  • The New Do you hate George W. Bush Test

    The New Do you hate George W. Bush Test


    Hi! And welcome to my New Do you hate George W. Bush Test. Do you think that the United States (and/or other parts of the world) has gone to hell sinc...

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    The Moral Flexibility Test

    by MistahEyahs

    You've seen "Grosse Pointe Blank" and you're in love with (or want to be) John Cusack as Martin Blank-- time to find out whether you have the "moral f...

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