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    The Do-You-Fit-The-Mold Test


    Over the past few years, I've become extremely picky, and I now find myself with a very biased criteria which one must follow in order to interest me....

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    The Hollywood Tough Guy Test


    Hollywood tough guys fit into a certain mold. You know the archtypes: Silent, Deadly, Brash, Witty . . . yeah, you know 'em. Don't lie. Take this test...

  • The Socially Warped Test

    The Socially Warped Test

    by WileyOne

    This test is not for the light hearted and weak-of-stomach... The questions may offend, disgust, and/or humor you. As such, this test is recommended ...

  • The Should we mind-fuck? Test

    The Should we mind-fuck? Test

    by x_seraphim

    Being that I AM A STRAIGHT MALE, this test is intended for STRAIGHT AND BISEXUAL WOMEN. That will become really obvious as you get to the last two se...

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    The Are You Meant For Me Test


    Hi! And welcome to my test. This test is hopefully going to sift through the crowd, and find me someone who'll knock my socks off. Will it work? I dou...

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