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  • The Twin Test!

    The Twin Test!


    What do you know about Twins!?

  • The Are you my twin? Test

    The Are you my twin? Test


    Hey! As you can clearly see, I'm trying to find someone who is so much like me he/she could be my twin. Obviously I'm not looking for an identical twi...

  • Default Test Image

    The Stupid Test


    A bunch of random crap that I guess could summarize, I wouldn't call it a compatibility test, because who'd want to know or date their identical twin?

  • Default Test Image

    The Do You Turn Blake On Test


    Blake is a deep, multifaceted, often incomprehensible individual. Take this test to determine if you and he are soulmates for life, or if you ar...

  • The Homophobia is Gay Test

    The Homophobia is Gay Test

    by humangerm

    In this moderately homophobic world that we reside in, I am sure that many of the hours of our days are spent contemplating deep, important questions:...

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