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    24 / M / Straight / Olathe, Kansas Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Books: To kill a mocking bird, Ishmael, Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, Blue highway, On the road and all other Jack Kerouac books, Fierce invalids home from hot climates and all other Tom Robbins books, Siddhartha, The count of Monte Cristo and all other Alexandre Dumas books, River...

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    35 / M / Straight / Belton, Missouri Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    BOOKS Clive Barker: The Damnation Game, The Great and Secret Show, Everville Stephen King: The Stand, The Dark Tower series Sam Harris: The End of Faith (I like most religious/atheistic books, e.g. Dawkins, Pinker, Ehrman, Shermer, Feynman, etc., but The End...

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    36 / M / Straight / Hawkins, Texas Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Getting either in or out of some boss-ass mishchief! Fighting crime-fighters Celebrating life's wild world of memorable minutiae ................Sleeping it off, Zzzzzzzzzz! !!!Documentary party!!! Stepping out with a lady Flying wingman for a pal Random...

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    24 / M / Straight / Keene, New Hampshire Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Books: The Stranger, American Psycho, A Scanner Darkly, The Man In The High Tower, really anything by Philip K. Dick, Hunter S. Tompson, Bret Easton Ellis, Michael Crichton, Naked Lunch, Mark Twain, Tom Harris, Everything Kurt Vonnegut has written, Banned in D.C. and I own every Calvin and Hobbes...

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    The Hip-Hop Knowledge Test

    by Canadian5th

    Find out if you know anything about Hip-Hop

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    The Song Quote Test


    This is a quiz of my favorite song quotes. You tell me who wrote them. Or at least sang them. And hey, if you really want to win, just google the lyri...

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    The Hip-Hopper or Honky Test


    The name says it all. Wannabe thug or hip-hoppin b-boyin vandal or middle class white boy find out what I think of you.

  • The Indie Cred Test

    The Indie Cred Test


    How well do you know indie music? This 20-question test is pretty much all over the place. From electronica to hip-hop, the point here is to gauge...

  • The Chappelle's Show Trivia Test

    The Chappelle's Show Trivia Test


    Don't worry, it's just trivia about the SHOW, 'cause I don't think anyone knows what went down in South Africa. DISCLAIMER: Although there are a few "...

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