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  • Bradley, know your fantasy, test

    Bradley, know your fantasy, test

    by maartepaart

    Hi! And welcome to my Marion Bradley Test. I'm just very curious about your knowledge about this female fantasy-writer! I'm going to ask things abou...

  • Default Test Image

    The Fantasy Authors Test

    by Kerridwynn

    I love fantasy books, and there are some great authors out there. Do you recognise some of the ones I have listed? Check it out and see.

  • The Arthurian Legend Test

    The Arthurian Legend Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Arthurian Legend Test. King Arthur was believed to have lived around 400 AD and been a war duke. Numerous stories surround hi...

  • The SF/F Opening Lines Test

    The SF/F Opening Lines Test

    by winternight2

    Test your knowledge of science fiction and fantasy literature by attempting to identify the works from which these famous (or not so famous, or merely...

  • The Random Fandom Test

    The Random Fandom Test


    This is the Random Fandom Test! It tests your knowledge of SF and Fantasy Fandom, Media fandoms and more. Are you ready? Good, I thought so!

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