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    The Uber-Gilmore Girls Test


    This test will measure your obsession with the amazing show gilmore girls. Since i'm basing all of this on the episodes i've seen.. there aren't reall...

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    The Non-idiotic Literature Test


    Ah yes, we all know that an incredible number of people out there think that Shakespeare is the ultimate apotheosis of literature, that Kafka is the m...

  • The Tough Philosophy Test

    The Tough Philosophy Test


    Do you know that you know nothing? If you know who is being referenced, then you're that much closer to getting a great score. Do Cartesian cartwhee...

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    The Are You Worthy Enough For Me? Test


    The worthy test, where you find out whether you have enough in common with me to be worthy, or at least breathe the same air.

  • The Farmer or Shepherd Test

    The Farmer or Shepherd Test

    by punky16

    Find out if your personality is more like a farmer or a shepherd.