• The Forrest Gump Test

    The Forrest Gump Test


    You can sit here if you wannnaa. Test your Gump fandom here.

  • The Hard Core Family Guy Trivia Test

    The Hard Core Family Guy Trivia Test

    by TheDevianDamit

    After taking the so called "EXPERT Family Guy Test" and finding more mistakes then questions, I figured I needed to write my own... After seeing ho...

  • The Improved Vampire Test

    The Improved Vampire Test


    Ok this is my Vampire Test, I realize my previous one wasnÂ’t up to scratch. But! I am sick to death of seeing vamp tests that sound really cool, ooh...

  • Default Test Image

    The Edgar Allan Poe Test


    So.... you think you know your Poe....hmmmmm? Give it a shot; if you do well I might buy you some Girl Scout cookies. (MmmmMmm made from real Girl Sco...

  • Default Test Image

    The Princess Bride Test


    Alright kids, you've been waiting for this one. We all love this movie, but have you really seen it enough to not fail this quiz?

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