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    She's the girl he's glad he's found--she's hisShi-Poo-Pi! Shi-Poo-Pi! Shi-Poo-Pi! Shi-Poo-Pi!The girl who's hard to get!Shi-Poo-PiShi-Poo-PiShi-Poo-PiBut you can win her yet. ... Office then it's usually something like, "hey, ya know, you look a lot like the guy in that picture.

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    = e^(i*pi)^-i = e^pi = ... = e^(i*pi) = -12/(-1)^(i*i) = 2e^(i*pi) = -2= Integrate[i*pi*(-1)^x, {x, 0, 1}]= Integrate[i*e^(i*x), {x, 0, pi}]1/(-1)^(½i*i) = e^(½i*pi) = i = (-1)^½1/(-1)^(3/2i*i) = e^(3/2i*pi) = -i-> 1/(-1)^(x*i*i) = 1/(-1)^(-x) = (-1)^x = e^(x*i*pi) = cos(pi*x)+i sin(pi*x).

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    kim jsuis en couple pi chu pas ici ... sa meme affaire pi jaimerais pour une fois boire ek des amis pi pas etre pogner a ecouter du criss de boom boom. En gros jme sens seule kand mon fils va en visite cher son pere pi je cherche du monde ki sont lfun ki trippe sa meme musique que moi pi en passant

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    Pixar movies are pretty good. ... occurs somewhere in the sequence of Pi. That also means if letters are converted to numbers (a=1, b=2, z=26, etc.)... the story of your life is told somewhere in the sequence of Pi. Somewhere it says "(your name) is reading a crazy story about Pi on a

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    Running Man, Robots, The Incredibles, Pitch Black, IT, The Water Boy, Transformers, Spiderman 1,2, and 3, Dark ... de do di de dip de dop pop pi pip pip dip do dip blip pip plip bip pip bop bip bob bop bib pop plip bib bo bib bop and pip pop bip boop bob bib bop poop pip ba boo peep beep do da do deep

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