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    The Could We Click? Test


    Think we could be compatible? Want to be compatible? Or do you just love to take compatability tests? THIS TEST IS LONG. Forty Questions long, to b...

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    The Wiccans and Pagans Test

    by Bad_Elf

    Hi! And welcome to my Wiccans and Pagans Test. This tests your knowledge of polytheistic, Earth based and religions with ancient roots.

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    The Dream Date Test


    Welcome to my Dream Date test. Like anyone else on the face of this planet, I have had my share of fantasies. And there is always that one, perfect gu...

  • The Self-Indulgent Compatability Test

    The Self-Indulgent Compatability Test

    by Daniel577JP

    Hi. If you're reading this, odds are that you have way too much free time on your hands. What a coincidence! At the time I wrote this, so did I. T...

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    The Am I attracted to you? Test


    Pretty obvious, wouldn't you think? This test will determine (more or less) if 1. I'd hate you, 2. I'd be friends with you, or 3. I'd be friends AND s...

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