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    The Great TV Programs! Test

    by 08ilicious

    Hi! And welcome to my Great TV Programs! Test. This is about what you think of different programs to see how compatible u r with me!

  • The Graphics Test

    The Graphics Test


    So you played Halo and Doom, and you thought they looked pretty. You've watched the Matrix movie, and admired its special effects. But do you know h...

  • Cave Dweller or Uber-Nerd test

    Cave Dweller or Uber-Nerd test


    How in touch are you with modern tech and your inner nerd?

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    The FORTRAN Purity Test Test


    Hi! And welcome to my FORTRAN Purity Test Test. This is used to determine the level of input you will be allowed to have in future FORTRAN standards

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    The Elite Computer User Test


    This is a test that will determine how experienced your are with computers. It contains questions about various hardware, software and operating sys...

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