• The Mallory's Alter Ego Test

    The Mallory's Alter Ego Test


    If solipsism is true, this test tells you how close you are to existing! Shut up, it's funny. Update: Too many people have been getting the ...

  • Default Test Image

    The are you awesome Test


    Yeah yeah you think you're awesome...but are you really?

  • The pointless Test

    The pointless Test


    this is the test's introduction. this test will not measure anything. no, nothing. nothing at all! but it will be no more pointless than any other tes...

  • The Dan Test

    The Dan Test

    by dannyboi

    Again with the un-originality....I'm going to ask strange questions that you would know the answer to if you were "The Dan." Since I am The Dan.... I ...

  • The Supervillain Archetype Test

    The Supervillain Archetype Test


    If you were a supervillain, what kind would you be?

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