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    The Rainbow Queen Compatibility Test

    by therainbowqueen

    Hello. This is a test to find out how compatible you are with me. Obviously you want to know the answer to that question! So take the test, yeah? ...

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    The Jason Is A Beer Snob Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Jason Is A Beer Snob Test. This will be a simple test to determine if you are a beer snob as well. Or at least the type of beer ...

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    The How 'Indie' are you Test

    by FeeliNg_iT

    Good evening and welcome to my How 'Indie' are you Test? Indie is basically a music scene primarily large in the UK where it's cool to wear colourful ...

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    The real stoner Test


    by the end of this test you will know whether or not you derserve the title of a stoner and whether you deserve to do this test.

  • The Silmarillion Test

    The Silmarillion Test

    by roquet

    If you are a JRRT fan, this test is just for you! Take a journey into the vanished world of great wisdom and breathtaking beauty — the world of The Silmarillion.