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    The Sexual Scenarios Test


    This is the sexual scenarios test. Since I know that ALOT of people masturbate while on OKCupid I decided to write this test for those of you who like...

  • The Baby Eating Potential Test

    The Baby Eating Potential Test

    by NOLA_poet

    You know you wanna. Just sitting there all wobbly and vulnerable...and scrumptious. Go the baby.

  • The what Monkey are you Test

    The what Monkey are you Test

    by Kareen

    It is the Monkey Test where we get to find out what kind of monkey you might be!! This will not test to see if you are a chimp, or a gorilla. This is ...

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    The are you perfect Test


    Hello, are you perfect? Some of you reading this actually believing that you're the shit. Well, you're not; instead your conceded. To be perfect, yo...

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    The Really Hard Random Lyrics Test


    Think you know music? I don't mean which band won the Grammy for best song in 2001, or which lead guitarist died in a certain year - how good is your...

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