• The Could You Be The One Test

    The Could You Be The One Test

    by CuriousKitty023

    Ahhhh.. Welcome, you seem to have found my test. Im just curious to know if there is ANYONE out there that would fit my ideal. The thought has cross...

  • Heavy Metal Lyrics Test

    Heavy Metal Lyrics Test


    Lyrics of songs from the metal genre as well as others

  • Default Test Image

    The Sexual Scenarios Test


    This is the sexual scenarios test. Since I know that ALOT of people masturbate while on OKCupid I decided to write this test for those of you who like...

  • The 21st Century Etiquette Test

    The 21st Century Etiquette Test


    Hi! And welcome to my 21st Century Etiquette Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. How comfortable are you i...

  • The Morality Test

    The Morality Test


    Are you a moral man/woman or, are you an opportunist? Do you follow the moral code of society, or do you go your own way? Answer these questions and together, we shall probe the depths of your moralit...

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