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    If that's truly not private enough, I'll throw caution to the wind and admit that I have a bizarre fascination with circuses and particularly sideshow freaks , as well as incest (siblings/cousins), serial killers , mental illnesses , birth defects / deformities ,

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    Oddly, most people don't seem to notice my deformities on a conscious level.

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    32 / F / Straight / Dublin, Ireland Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    I'm neither circus fat, nor do I have any major facial deformities. I have my reasons... Ooh, mysterious...Edit: I put up the above pictures mostly for the horror that the mouse over would inspire. Guess it contradicts the facial deformities bit.

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    27 / F / Straight / New York, New York Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    I'm guessing that OKCupid is subtly saying here that if I have any physical deformities, now is the time to speak. I don't have any physical deformities that I'm aware of, so whatever it is people notice first about me, it is not this.

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    35 / F / Straight / Lockhart, Texas Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Mom of 3. Not looking FOR anything at the moment, just looking. After 2 abusive relationships and one cheater, I'm feeling a bit burned. I'm not your "typical" woman. I'm a bit of an introvert, I don't like going out shopping. I don't wear makeup, and my "style" could best be summed...

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    The Joe Compatibility Test


    This test will hopefully show how close to my "ideal woman" you are. But I imagine it's a lot cruder than the OKCupid test since all I'm going to ask...

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