• The Slurpee Test

    The Slurpee Test


    On a hot day, there is no better way to cool off than with a Slurpee. On a cold day some might call you crazy, but they have no idea what they're mis...

  • The ultimate intelligence Test

    The ultimate intelligence Test


    INFALLIBLE INTELLIGENCE METER v6.42 (c)1975-89 Jurgen Brahma & Raimo Tahvanainen 2005 remake by tsr_exec This is the one and only ultimate, t...

  • The 80's Breakfast Cereal Test

    The 80's Breakfast Cereal Test

    by RelientKCar

    The greatest part of any Saturday cartoon morning was without a doubt the cereal. Let's see how much you remember, and have a little fun in the proce...

  • Default Test Image

    The Vegan Cookery Test

    by kreeli

    This will test your vegetarian/vegan cookery skills. I'm looking for your knowledge of veg*n cooking theory, recipe comprehension, cooking creativity...

  • Default Test Image

    The random general knowledge Test


    Hey! This is my random general knowledge test, coz i felt like writing a test n couldnt decide wot 2 do it about so i thawt i would do it on general k...

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