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  • The Freethinker Test

    The Freethinker Test

    by SkyDeep

    How much of a "Freethinker" are you?  Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science and logic and should not be influe...

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    The Long Compatibility Test


    Hi! And welcome to the Long Compatibility Test. The shorter test (Are You Good Enough For Me?) is still up, and will continue to exist for those who w...

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    The Are You Good Enough For Me? Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Are You Good Enough For Me? Test. This test will examine different aspects of who you are to determine whether you are worthy of...

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    The How Anarchist Are You Test


    Welcome to my How Anarchist Are You Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how close you are to the ideology of Anarchy.