• The Lord of Ganja Test

    The Lord of Ganja Test


    Do you think you smoke too much Pot. Well, it's the place for you. Make the test to see how high you are. But be carefully ganja is illegal.

  • The Doobie,Weed,Trees,Fire,Ganja Test

    The Doobie,Weed,Trees,Fire,Ganja Test

    by trackgirl69

    This test was created by me and my sister. My three sisters are my stoner buddies. We grew up with a hippy, laid-back parent. My baby sister was 14 be...

  • Default Test Image

    The ganja etiquette Test


    this test will measure your ability to not piss off seasoned herb smokers. pissing off professional stoners is not a good idea; they have good connect...

  • Default Test Image

    The Ganja Test


    This test figures out how much you know about pot and weed related stuff. Good luck and enjoy.

  • The are you a scavenger Test

    The are you a scavenger Test


    So are you the type of person that only comes around when theres weed?? huh huh?? Take this test and determine if your a scavenger or just a poser.

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