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    The one simple question Test


    It's just one simple question. What have you got to lose?

  • The Very Easy Spelling Test

    The Very Easy Spelling Test


    This test is very similar to the "Very Simple Math" test; the only way you can receive a high rating is if you ace the test. If you get even one answ...

  • The Which weapon would you use  Test

    The Which weapon would you use Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Which Weapon Would You Use Test. I'll be using, arcane Knowledge, superior insight and advanced logic to determine your true nat...

  • The Sexual Morality Test

    The Sexual Morality Test

    by TonehZero

    Often enough, one's self-perspective can be different from the actual image they project. With that in mind, using this test, I aim to help you see ju...

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    The Jazz Test


    What is jazz, to you? A basketball team in Utah? Some old musical crap that you threw out after your grandparents died? Or is it merely the music? ...

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