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  • The Oddly Judgemental Test

    The Oddly Judgemental Test


    So, I've noticed that aside from a few of the more odd and trite tests on OkCupid most of the tests come with a variety of the same seventy or so ques...

  • The Seven Life Languages Quiz

    The Seven Life Languages Quiz

    by punky16

    Hi! Welcome to my Seven Life Languages Quiz. This test will determine which type of personality you have and what you need from your mate.

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    The So are we compatible or what Test


    Hello! Welcome to my: So are we compatible or what? test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature or at least if our ...

  • Default Test Image

    The How Tolerable Are You Test


    Okay, so you probably think that you are a pretty tolerable person. Except for that phrase that you can never stop saying. And that annoying thing y...

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    The Erik Approval Test


    I've decided to get all judgemental on your ass, and rate your worthiness using a small series of discrete questions with multiple choice answers, in ...

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