• The Darts Maths Test

    The Darts Maths Test

    by dje_wba1984

    Darts has been positively recognised for its maths skills, which has started a catalyst for the British government to begin to promote a scheme to imp...

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    The Science & Maths Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Science & Maths Test. I'll be using advanced logic and my profound secret genius (it's very secret) to sort the Einsteins among ...

  • The Real man's MATHS Test

    The Real man's MATHS Test


    This is a rather pretentious knowledge-based maths test. Some of the bits are pretty hard and rather specialized, so don't expect to do too well. ...

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    Slip through your maths test

    by 15051505

    Test your basic mathematics skills.

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    The Galadoria Member Test


    Find out which of the GO members you truly are. The test is designed as a joke to fit certain members into their stereotypes. Find out who you identif...

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