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  • The iPhone Test

    The iPhone Test


    What your mobile phone says about your personality, and what your personality says about your ideal mobile phone.

  • The robo-rights awareness Test

    The robo-rights awareness Test

    by robotjim

    Are you aware of robo-rights? Every day, a new robot is born into slavery. Robot is manufactured free, and everywhere he is in chains. Are you an unwi...

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    The Am I Paranoid Test


    Welcome to the one and only AM-I-PARANOID test Close the curtains. Be sure nobody's watching you and get started! You'll soon find out how paranoid y...

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    The SIMPLE computer knowledge Test


    Hi! And welcome to my SIMPLE Computer Knowledge Test. Just like it says, it will be very simple knowledge about computers. Even the computer illiterat...

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    The No life at all test Test


    Do you have a life or not? Do you go out of your room, or not?

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