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    A Better MatchMe Test

    by sonnetsweetie

    Would we answer a bunch of multiple-choice questions similarly? Does that mean we should or should not get along? Did you really want to know this much about me? Let's find out!

  • For Whom Should you vote in 2008 test.

    For Whom Should you vote in 2008 test.

    by fencerm2

    It's almost upon us - election day!  Have you made a choice yet?  Well if not - try this on for size, and see whom you should pick!

  • The REAL Compatability Test

    The REAL Compatability Test


    Due to the failings and innaccuaracy of my first compatability test, I've used four tests worth of experience and two decades worth of personal knowle...

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    The Are you worthy? Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Are you worthy? Test. This is a pre-test to see if it's worth either of our time for us to talk. If you think we'd get along a...

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    The do you have an opinion? Test


    Hi! And welcome to my test: what you don't know can hurt you, so nows the time to have an oppinion. I will be testing you on a few things you probably...

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