• The How Crafty Are You? Test

    The How Crafty Are You? Test

    by BotticelliChick

    Do you like to make things? Would you rather shop at Hobby Lobby than go to the mall? TakeĀ this testĀ and see what level of crafter you truly are.

  • The Join my military Test

    The Join my military Test

    by FaiaKeima

    Welcome to the Armed Services Aptitude Test for the country of... well I dunno yet but, someday I'll take over a country probably just Antartica. This...

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    The Danielle Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Danielle Test. I'll be using advanced logic and penetrating insight to determine your true knowledge of me. You are welcome to ...

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    The Ultimate Evility Test

    by deltablues

    This test is the Ultimate Measure of Evility (not Evilty or Evilness, which are completely different,) as determined by Dr. Hackenbush's Evilty Criter...

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    The Craftiness Test


    Welcome to the craftiness test! This test will tell you how well you can get your craft on, and whether you are truly into do-it-yourself projects. Co...

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