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    The "I am boring on a lot of subjects" test

    by Deetie

    Hi! And welcome to my "I am Boring on a lot of Subjects" Test. This is a random 'trivial knowledge' test.

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    The Minnesota Test

    by Gazda

    So, I'm waxing the cat today (I'll explain what that means if you ask), and I felt inspired to do a test about my old home state. This is partly triv...

  • The Do You Over-Share? Test

    The Do You Over-Share? Test


    Heyyy... The Critics Are Wrong: Real Life Isn't That different From Big Brother At All. Some People Are Natural Stars Of The Show, While Others Prefer...

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    The 4 elements Test


    Hi! And welcome to my 4 elements Test. I will try to match your unique personality with a specific element. There is another test like this floating a...

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    The Spork Aptitude Test


    Welcome to my Spork Aptitude Test. Sporks know the true meaning of life and the human soul, as is the product of their nature being half spoon and hal...

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