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    The Sexual Scenarios Test


    This is the sexual scenarios test. Since I know that ALOT of people masturbate while on OKCupid I decided to write this test for those of you who like...

  • The 'Forever Young' Test

    The 'Forever Young' Test


    Are you really young at heart or just a trendy ass poseur?

  • The Young Frankenstein Trivia Test

    The Young Frankenstein Trivia Test


    This is my Young Frankenstein Trivia Test. Using my advanced logic and arcane knowledge of this great movie classic I will determine your level of coo...

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    The Young Ones Test


    The Young Ones, in my opinion, is the best BritCom ever invented. If you've never seen the show, you will probably not understand any of this! ...

  • The Young Ones Knowlegde Test

    The Young Ones Knowlegde Test

    by Insomniac_Josh

    Hi! And welcome to my Young Ones Knowlegde Test. This test shall measure your knowledge of this anarchic British sitcom. The weird and wonderful lives...

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