59 Prescott, AZ
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My self-summary
It's funny reading profiles. They are all pretty much the same. It seems the entire world is positive, loyal, affectionate, honest, laughs, likes music, walks, travels, likes the outdoors, and of course the reliable "down to earth". Don't you just love the ones that say things like...."I enjoy going out or staying in." Yep, that just about covers it!
Is there a human who doesn't like to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie? I had to stop going to the beach because it's been so overcrowded with people who have met on the internet. BTW, anyone else here notice we are in the middle of the freaking desert?

Some brilliant mathematician once said two positives can never equal a negative...yea, right! Anything is possible.

Describing yourself is like talking about someone you admire….you want everyone to enjoy them, but you don't want them to drool all over you either. It’s been quite an amazing, mostly happy and contented adventure. My lifestyle (what box?) and professions have been different from the norm. Born in Brooklyn (turdy-turd street), grew up on Long Island. Lived from NY to San Diego to The Florida Keys to Oregon to this magical place. Been to all 50 states along with some international travel too. Love the tropics!
Who am I? Great question. Here is my self-description that (I think) makes me unique.
Hard working peace loving educated natural holistic spiritual libertarian (limited Constitutional government) old hippie with a NY attitude northwestern mellowness vivid imagination quasi-crazy/kinky (according to society) completely sane (in the eyes of the sovereign-minded) very adventurous but there's no-place-like-home kind of guy eating a mostly organic plant-based diet. Food is (delicious) medicine! Exercise is essential!! The search for truth is paramount!!!
I am also an attempting practitioner of The Four Agreements and far from perfect. My short term goal is to remember why I went into that room. My long term goal is to become the person my dogs think I am.

What am I looking for? Better question:
I like a woman who is a conundrum. Strong/powerful yet willing to submit sometimes. Someone who is nice, but will want to take the last spoonful of ice cream and will do anything to get it. Normally I will be the gentle man....but you also know that if I really want it, there might be a wrestling match.....
Do you eat right? Exercise? You must have some zippity left in your doo-dah! More into nature than the city? I appreciate cities for what they offer, but would much rather live in the country. Meaning no disrespect, my personal preference is little to no make-up. Please have some spiritual beliefs we can explore together.
If money is more important than laughter, romance, friendship or sex...we are probably not a match. I'm not against money at all. The most important things in life aren't things.

Here is what it boils down to; compatibility and chemistry.
If what I have said here connects with you, then hit that “send a message” button and say hello. If not, I wish you all the best for the future. I have no enemies in this world…anywhere.
I feel better now that we have shared this passion together. Was it good for you?

I hate first dates. I made the mistake of telling my date a lie about myself, and she caught me. I didn’t think she’d actually demand to see the bat cave.
What I’m doing with my life
Always searching and learning. Physically, I moved to Prescott a few years ago. Love this area. Also inherited two dogs, so there has been an adjustment.
It's been an intense journey these last few years. Things are now settling down...I am a believer that in the end it all happens for a reason. If I had all the answers, would I still be here?

Oh yea, I almost forgot:
***WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects-you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice.***
I’m really good at
-observing the universe unfold its plan and watching humans fight it (mostly those who live for money/power)
-making people laugh when they don't want to
-fixing and making things
-being regular every morning (see, you didn't want to laugh)
-helping plants grow
-creating good meals using simple ingredients (organic)
-singing (ok, that's not true...but I do like to sing)
-seeing a situation, analyzing it and coming up with a possible solution
-making children laugh (they want to laugh, we just have to help)
-tongue twisters (hmmm....)
-driving long distances
-parallel parking
-waking up early
-falling asleep really fast
-living life outside the box...I am nothing like these guys over here ----->----->----->----->------>------>----->----->----->----->----->----->----->----->
-public speaking
-living my values...as much as humanly possible
-taking risks
-using my super powers for good and not evil
-making lists
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm having fun.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I actually have a top 65 movie list. It started as a top 10 about 35 years ago. If we get to know each other I'll email it to you. See, you have something to look forward to already.

I re-read The Four Agreements about once a year. I am more into non-fiction stuff. I am always trying to learn the truth and read/watch alternative news. It is always interesting to hear the other country's/people's point of view. One of my mottoes in life is, "There are three sides to every story; yours, mine and what really happened.".
BTW, in case you didn't know...our government and lamestream media are lying to us everyday. Beware the military-industrial complex along with the huge corporations that have learned to use the law (thru socialist propaganda) to extract public money.

Music-I will try anything....Everything from classical to the last century standards to Beatles to Grateful Dead (miss you Jerry) to 50's thru 90's...and some of my favorites from the last decade. Like a good movie, I appreciate a song with message. But does it have a good beat and can you dance to it? (bonus points if you remember where that came from)

Shows? Don't watch a lot of current series tv. I like mostly movies and baseball when it's in season (go Yankees And Padres). TCM is my favorite station. If you are talking theatrical shows....anything from local theater to Broadway, count me in!

Food-Anything good, anything ethnic, more towards spicy (kind of like life), if it's organic...a huge plus. I don't eat anything with hoofs or shells and enjoy cooking. Please be into eating healthy and taking care of your body.
The six things I could never do without
God's love, organic food, fresh air, clean water, laughter, the present, my laptop/very smart phone (ok two toys per person, but I do have several more). Yes, that is seven...rules?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
a great deal of things...
how to exercise my demons...they have been so lazy lately

mainly I wonder whether the hokey pokey is what it's all about...

who is this staff robot...and why can't he do a better job? I'd like to stick something in his quiver
also, how come I am only a 96.5% match with myself and I am more confidant, more adventurous and more organized than me! I'm so confused!!

right now...the future for at least the next few years...if we don't change direction we will wind up where we are going....
On a typical Friday night I am
doing whatever that particular Friday Night brings. Every Friday is different. I will say that I am a homebody at times. Love a good movie, good company. I am more into small groups than big ones. A night out occasionally to a ballgame, concert, theater is always welcome.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
yea, right

ok...one thing...I don't follow the directions on the shampoo label that says wash, rinse, repeat. I don't repeat. It's just a huge conspiracy to sell more shampoo.
You should message me if
-you do the right thing...especially when no one is watching,
-you know the seven dwarfs (no googling)
-you are good at tongue twisters or are willing to learn
-you can fold a fitted sheet....teach me please!