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My self-summary
so after a year and a half of being offline and in a monogamous gig, i am back here seeing who shows up. i haven't taken the time to update either pics or profile yet, but i will in the coming days. in the meantime, most of what you read below is still accurate.

i'm a thinker with heart and soul, a recovering cynic who secretly believes in happy endings; i've rescued lots of feral cats, make a mean chocolate mousse, floss, and wear heels or chacos equally well. my sense of humor and silly laugh take the edge off my high intensity. i think every footstep ought to be a prayer. i'm self-sufficient but live for connection with others. i haven't shared residence with a TV for more than half my life now. i'm a sensualist and how you smell and taste to me is much more critical than how you look--and, it isn't something you can control or alter; all those pheromonal chemicals rule me, sometimes to my detriment. i'm inquisitive and will ask you hard questions that make you wonder; i hope your answers will make me wonder wider and deeper. i am absolutely certain i have been both a cat and a mermaid in previous incarnations, and these days, i'm pretty much feeling like a sufi--dancing with the divine and drunk on my love of god or source or the universe or whatever you want to name that great mystery. my word is golden though sometimes on the tactless side of blunt. i'm reasonably well traveled but always hunger for more! i think i've got abundance pretty well figured out these days, but am seeking my next calling--i want to be in service in a way that feels truly meaningful. i love this planet and how i feed myself is a reflection of that. i have minimal tolerance for dishonesty, injustice, and bigotry. i have mighty warrior tendencies when it comes to my convictions, i am loyal and fierce in my love. i will forgive anyone almost anything, though i don't easily (or ever?) forget. i need to learn patience, i know perseverance, i believe in possibility. i can be impulsive and am tickled to find that i still surprise myself. . . often.

you might find me attractive or refreshing or intelligent or interesting or inspiring or maybe even all of the above. i will gently nudge you towards self-actualization as i try to get there myself.
What I’m doing with my life
my oh my, how things change!

last year at this time i was independently wealthy (enough), wasn't working by choice and design, and was dreaming of my next international escape. fast forward to now and i am back to a full-time nursing job after a break of almost 4 years, and moving on from a news-story investor scandal where I lost enough to still buy a cheap house in seattle. . . bummer.

a lot has happened and my life is neither as easy or as graceful as it has been, or as i'd prefer it to be; hence, i am cultivating mindfulness, recommitting to recommitting to a meditation practice, working on remaining grateful when things don't look and feel like i'd like them to.

i guess that right now, what i am doing is starting from scratch; asking myself some really hard questions about what i want next and how to get myself to that point.

a very specific master's program is calling me. . . maybe to SF, but when i really let myself dream, so is my usual siren--travel.
I’m really good at
fumbling my trial-and-error way through first-time projects on my home and enjoying certain aspects of domestic existence.

wandering into great adventures whilst traveling in foreign countries with a very manageable amount of stuff on my back.

making delicious food and beverages--especially of a raw or healthy or fermented/probiotic variety, and most other tasks of a domestic variety.

making friends with animals--pretty much any kind, anywhere (including humans).

seeing people, i like to think; which can sometimes really piss some of them off it seems.

the details.
The first things people usually notice about me
people often comment on my eyes or eyebrows, i have a pretty silly laugh, i communicate with that kind of east-coast directness that often takes northwest natives aback, i smile easily. my sneezes sound ridiculous.
The six things I could never do without
cookies (especially with chocolate chips and nuts please), kitties, my passport, the sun (!!!!!!), my beloved best friend and grammy (they are one in the same), gratitude.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
. . . .what it is that i really want.

when it will be warm and sunny again.

where i should go next and what might i really like to learn next.

ways to support a permanent bi-continental existence--typically business ideas that involve india.

why my nose and olfactory system have so much say in who i will and will not partner with.
On a typical Friday night I am
since my most recent return from an extended sojourn, i have witnessed myself as being a bit more introverted than usual. friday nights i might be with a friend or two enjoying good food, or at seward park courting the juvenile barred owls, or (dare i admit this?) reading in the bath, journaling, or some other quiet and relaxing activity.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have weird obsessions with numbers and counting and have bizarre ways in which i strongly favor certain numbers; it's pretty dorky but doesn't seem to cause much harm.
You should message me if
. . . you operate with: integrity, imagination, and a healthy balance of self-knowledge, self-love and a commitment to self-improvement;

. . . you have: a generosity of heart, right responsibility with left thinking, the ability and willingness to share aspects of your self that shine as well as the darker, more secret stuff; an appreciation of kissing and touch, interest in spiritual pursuits, some kind of skill or knowledge you are proud of and want to share with others.

. . . you choose: an eco-groovy lifestyle and habits (i heart vegetarians/vegaquarians!), startling honesty, an attitude of curiosity towards life no matter what is showing up, and personal responsibility for the life you are creating.

. . . you are: a willing travel companion who dreams, wonders and then acts to manifest!

addendum: tattoos, fix-it skills, experience with rope work, as well as access to boats, motorcycles or ponies all earn extra points in the sexy column.

anther addendum: lots of you have kids, and unless they are all grown up and out on their own, i am not terribly interested; see, i want the full-meal deal, i want someone who wants to and CAN come traipsing around the world with me. . . for months at a time!! and if you have kids, you can't give me what i will be asking you for. but if you are smitten and decide that you want to just run off with me, i'll think you're a rotten papa, and i won't respect you--so there's just no way to win on this one. sorry.