32 Zagreb, Croatia
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My self-summary
-English not my native- ;)

All in all, I am fun, genuine, giving, open minded, passionate, sensual ,not judgmental, non ego, outgoing, art and sport lover girl ...actually I find everything interesting when one put minds to it, sometimes I read about universe, sometimes I watch boxing match, sometimes I read about psychology, sometimes I write my own stuff...uhuh, there is so much to enjoy, explore and question! :) So yes, I am a girl hah, but I do not hide my masculine side too when needy, I believe in guys...if you are looking for a Princess kind of woman, or a doll, that is not me, I am not here to be seen, but felt, plus I do not search for Ken too... :) I rather be my nature, a homie and a teammate of yours, get real and have a hell of a fun without those unnecessary 'n fake masks! :) I am honest and loyal too, very true to myself, because I do not wanna be like 90% of people who are not living by their hearts at all, but by the expectations of others and rules that are made out of unhealthy individuals and their egos. We are all the same, feeling same emotions and having same fears, you and just depends who will break the wall and who wont, or who will do it first...and I do not fear to BE that one. I also love to speak my minds and express, I love deep things and am sapiosexual person, so GOOD conversation is important to me. In general, I love people and I love life...trying to be the best that I can, help the world I live in, even if with only showing a contrast with my smile to a sad face. would be too much to describe all of me here, so...hope u felt me through this words! :)

PS. I am "gentle but strong" kind of person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't watch TV for cca 5 years, it is a bit toxic.
I do watch some sport sometimes.
Food - I love all, but am eating healthy, no sodas, heavy food and so on...lots of salads, veggies, avoiding bread and sweets etc.
I have my cheating moments but rare, as I find food very important.
Books, I do read stuff and listen to the music, diff types.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we don't just love each other?
(I know why...but still eh, it seems so simple, yet it is sooooooooo hard)
Hm, I do think about the whole existence I can say, in all its dimensions, but I often rather feel and think together, thinking mostly brings logic, while being deeply connected with the feels gives wisdom a chance to speak, I love wisdom and I love to research myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
Im not a freak, but being on a hockey game is one of the great ways to spend my Fridays,. Love for the game, passion , insensitivity, team spirit, speed, stick-handling beauty skills, body movement art, challenge, respect,fall, get back up, never give up, fight, shake hand, go gentle, go rough, oh so many emotions in single game many extremes in one, love it! :) Not going home later feels even better, I love to connect with people after busy week...and release.
But lemme say it simple, with right energy, I am just READY!
You should message me if
This is nice to me:
If you are the "feel" person
If you are in love with the world
If you are trying to detach from outside effects and keep your individuality
If you feel that your purpose is to do good
If you are working on self
If you care about your body, mind and soul and are willing to grow more
If you do not live life superficially or see the world the same way
If you are grateful person
If you are living by your own book and are truly yourself, following your passion, desires and your heart.
Just have those old school beautiful values of good human


I want to say that I do not have time to answer each message, nor I think that we should spend our time on what they do not feel it is right, therefore I explained myself here, so please...if I do not answer, I do have my own reason and do not take it personal, but if you are wise, you will understand that "rejection" has never even been personal thing. :)

Also, I do not use this site actively, but made it more to give to destiny one more ball to play with. It might score here, who knows! :)