55 Bristol, UK
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My self-summary
Do you like Brussels Sprouts and dancing in the rain ?

Gardening / self-sufficiency ?
Cycling / walking / camping ?
Messing about in and on the sea ?
Music ?
Dancing ?


Aimez-vous les choux de Bruxelles et à danser sous la pluie? ...

... Vous amuser dans et sur la mer?
Randonnée à vélo ou à pied ?
Jardinage, l'autosuffisance?
La musique ?

Faut il se tutoyer dans un profil dating ?
Prof de français particulièrement bienvenue. !
What I’m doing with my life
Preparing to "retire" to coastal France in about 5 years' time. (Finistère or Morbihan) to grow my own sprouts, swim, surf and kayak, and hopefully lots of things I haven't yet thought of.

Though the British rashly voting to leave the EU and subsequent removal of reciprocal post-retirement health care arrangements and perhaps even frozen state pensions for emigrées would make this a significantly more challenging project.

So this realistically is not really a "dating" profile - more a way to meet people to chat with - preferably English-French in voice chat ...


Faisant mes préparations pour me déplacer en France dans environs 5 ans ( Finistère ou Morbihan) pour cultiver mes propres choux de Bruxelles, nager, surfer et faire du kayak et aussi beaucoup de choses dont je n'ai pas pensés.

Voulez-vous partager conversation anglais-français ?
I’m really good at
Growing sprouts.


Cultiver les choux de Bruxelles...
The first things people usually notice about me
.The large quantity of sprouts I'm carrying home from Aldi in my blue Ikea tote bag.


La grande quantité des choux de Bruxelles que j'apporte chez-moi dans mon grand sac bleu d'Ikea.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"Let me tell you about Music ... when it hits you feel no pain ..."

It's been almost an intravenous life-line for me ever since my father gave me his box of 78s in the early 70s and I discovered Radio 3.
My tastes have considerately broadened over the years.

I have repeatedly proved I have absolutely no talent myself - though I can hold a tune, and in my 30s learned the joys of responding spontaneously to music on the dance floor.

I was raised on the likes of Vaughan Williams and Ravel.

1972 :-

"The Lark Ascending" Vaughan Williams

1975 :-

"Dark Side of the Moon" - Pink Floyd


"Station To Station" - David Bowie
How can he have gone ? - so young.

1977 :-
"The Hissing of Summer Lawns" - Joni Mitchell.
Probably my way into modern jazz.

1977 :-
"King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown" - Augustus Pablo.
I was quite keen on the punk rock scene in the 70s, but this is the music that changed my tastes for ever.

I spent a lot of the late 90s at local raves and House nights, and once I hit 40, I unsuccessfully tried to replace it with Salsa.

1995 :-

Orbital :-

2001 :-

I sometimes cycle to "La Revancha Del Tango"

2020 :-

Though it's somewhat different to what I've been used to, in retirement in Brittany I hope to discover the meaning of "Fest Noz" :-

The music itself already appeals and harks back to the medieval and early baroque music I heard on the sadly-missed David Munrow's "Pied Piper" on Radio 3 in the early 70s. I might be tempted to invest in a "bombarde" (I used to play the clarinet very badly), but they are very expensive.


Electronica; dub; jazz; reggae; Joni Mitchell; Vaughan Williams; Ravel; worldbeat; dance; Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Orbital; Basic Channel; Augustus Pablo; AphexTwin; KingTubby; Culture; Miles Davis; Hendrix; ambient; Basic Channel; Goa Trance; techno; Ulrich Schnauss; stax; motown; soul; LTJ Bukem; Larry Heard; Andy Sheppard; Boards of Canada; TheOrb; garage; Pink Floyd; Cocteau Twins; Soul II Soul; Stanley Clarke; John Martyn; Disco; house; Drum&Bass; detroit; Jeff Mills; Keith Jarrett; Weather Report; Airto Moreira; Linton Kwesi-Johnson; stax; motown; steve hillage; MC Conrad.


About 25 years ago I saw quite a bit of live theatre - Ibsen, Chekhov, Shakespeare ...might well try it again.
I used to be quite keen on radio drama - "Baldi" etc...
Haven't listened to the Archers since they did away with Nigel Pargetter.

I'm learning to love French radio.

TV - after years as a bit of a TV addict (Star Trek TNG / "House" etc), I recently cancelled my cable package and tend to watch youtube videos - both professional and amateur. My TV is on its last legs and I haven't switched it on for months.

Movies - not my thing really - apart from a few classics like "Inherit The Wind" and the Pagnol films...

Books .. learned to read very easily, but got out of the habit -- "1984", "Brave New World", "Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance". ...



I feel very lucky that I naturally gravitated towards oats and potatoes as a child, discovered the vegan wholefood diet at 21, and then started cycling to work at 27 including the biggest hill in Bristol - so I have never eaten "fast food" and get two decent doses of cardio every day even before I make the effort go get out for an extra 20 miles or so.

I'm only recently back on the vegan "wagon" after taking a bit of a "fish and Camembert" detour in my 40s and early 50s and gaining a lot of weight - though most of that was cake, custard and fruit juice and even just excess wholegrain rice and potatoes - scarily easy once I'd got used to thinking of myself as "overweight but fit".
I now actively supplement with the B12 and omega 3 (ground flaxseed) which I may have been craving and making me want to eat fish.
(There was no nutritive excuse for the occasional stinky cheese - I blame the wine )

18 months ago I had the BMI of an average Micronesian - I'm currently leaving "Europe" and heading for "South Korea" (BMI 25) in the spring - I'm aiming for the high end of "Okinawa" - BMI of 22 as that is the calorific intake I appear to have naturally settled upon.

This rather worrying video is what finally gave me the incentive I needed to take (vegan) nutrition seriously :-

I confess I lack imagination in the kitchen and can live on stir-fry, baked spuds, hummus and salad ... I start the day with oats or bread, usually settle on soup for lunch and at the moment aim to eat 500g of cruciferous veggies every evening.

I bake a small wholemeal loaf every Saturday to go with hand-ground Fairtrade Aeropress coffee but during the week I have oats for breakfast and drink tea (mostly Oolong)
The six things I could never do without
(apart from sprouts)

Difficult to put these first three in order :-

1. Music - I usually carry two spare MP3 players.

2. Bicycle - since I dislike sport or even "exercise" per se, it took me 20 years to do more than just cycle to work and realise cycling had become an essential part of my daily life - but I nearly always cycle with music to make it more like dancing.
I'm taking daily access to at least a token amount of nature as a given. (as well as oxygen, water, food etc).

3. The Internet - such a shame it is so under-used as a learning resource by so many. I have a great need to know how things work.

4. I would like to say "The Atlantic ocean", but I rarely get to see it - let alone mess around in/on it - hopefully to be corrected in "retirement" when I hope it will compliment cycling and much more gardening for regular exercise.

5. A loaf of (home made wholemeal) bread, a jug of wine (French red)

6. And thou - currently missing and who would hopefully move a lot nearer number 1....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Can one live on Brussels sprouts alone ?
On a typical Friday night I am
Discussing sprouts on the Internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My favourite soppy film quote :-

"What extraordinary ideas come into one's head up here.
It's the altitude. Do you experience a sort of exhilaration?
Definitely. As though we owned the mountain?
To put it mildly. We're pretty superior persons.
We're gods!
Up here there's no time
no growing old
nothing lost. We're young.
We believe in ourselves. We have faith in the future.
It must be the altitude.
Do you suppose a person in middle age could start life over again
and make a go of it?
I'm sure of it.
Quite sure."

Robert Donat and Greer Garson stuck on a mountain in "Goodbye Mr. Chips" (1939)
You should message me if
You have any sprout recipes to share.