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My self-summary
Oh, hello, you startled me; I was enthralled by my many leather bound books and the smells of rich mahogany. I don't always write self-summaries, but when I do, they feel corny. You should read it anyways.

I wish I was more clever when I made up my user name. I could have been JFKFC or MustLovePogs or MarcelDuchampAndTheNudists. Maybe that last one is too long.

Life is a series of adventures, experiences, and smiles--oh, and laughs too, can't forget those. Truly living life means breaking out of your comfort zone and doing things that make you look back and think “I can’t believe I actually did that”. I live for those kinds of moments. Now I am not looking for cheap thrills. Waking up in a Spanish prison because you did something that put you there--cheap thrill. Waking up in a Spanish prison because a bandmate of the friends you just met has a brother on the force and thought it would be funny to have some of the officers mess with the lot of you—thats an experience. On that topic, never trust bassists. Currently I find myself driving my BMW G 650 GS a lot and ending up all over the place. My newest goal is to go cliff diving in Spain then find a little local flamenco bar and enjoy a low key vacation--granted I'm sure it will turn into some crazy adventure.

At heart I am a hopeless romantic who believes that chivalry is not dead. I spent five years in an improv comedy troupe so when a fight between us is over I can always make you laugh it off...or serenade you with a song based on your favorite 17th century poet. Not that a fight is bound to happen, in fact I can make you laugh any time, any place, and I will make that a guarantee. Get ready.

Living in the hub gives me the chance to explore the never ending list of things to do. I love to go dancing, especially salsa or to other Latin music, and to big band Sinatra-esque music. I don’t care if you have no rhythm and step all over my feet, as long as you get out there with me, I promise we will have fun. Cooking has become one of my hobbies and I think that I’m pretty good! It doesn't matter if there’s a recipe or not, I just like to experiment. But I’ll let you be the judge when I cook us up a homemade meal and serve it by candlelight (there’s that romantic side of me coming out again). I love traveling and getting lost in new places. France, Spain and Italy were unforgettable trips. I am a sucker for a good cup of black coffee and stimulating conversation. I have a few favorite coffee houses that I’ll bring you to, but I promise not too early in the morning. There is so much that makes a person who they are. I should also mention that I have 240 secret skills. Secret skill 114: the ability to drink vast amounts of Crystal Light. Not too surprising, secret skill 115: super control over my bladder. Thanks Crystal Light!

It is important for me to say that there are no deal breakers with me- just be yourself and we can give it a try. I am most attracted by someone with a great smile and a sense of humor- and of course, someone who is gorgeous and has the body of an angel too, but everyone is looking for that I imagine. I like someone that is a little tom-boyish, who can be impulsive and play along with a joke or give me a punch in the arm when I make a really dumb pun. Commitment isn't a problem, nor is honesty- they are the foundation to any successful relationship. We may fight once in a while but I will make sure that you never go to bed angry, even if it means running out to JP Licks at 11 pm.
What I’m doing with my life
What am I doing with my life? Well, first off I'm trying not to die; and succeeding rather well at it if I don't say so myself. After that I'd say I'm trying to graduate from Harvard med school. I already finished the PhD in Medical Physics. The elevator speech of what I do is make MRIs more useful for doctors. If you find that interesting, or want to be bored to tears, just ask me to expand on the topic.
I’m really good at
Seasoning cast iron.

Cooking, especially with others.

Not liking/watching/talking sports. I will if you want me too, but I have no real interest in it.

Writing Yelp reviews. Most people don't know this, but Yelp has a community of special writers in each major city. While we're not paid, we get invited to restaurant openings and special events that usually have free food and booze. It's actually a lot of fun.
The first things people usually notice about me
They don't call me Afro Dan for nothing (n.b. no one calls me that). After my mighty afro I'd say people notice my gregarious nature, or my butt. You decide.

Also, I'm mulatto and damn proud of it--like the president. My Mom is Italian and my Dad is Ethiopian making me kind of light brown. Similarly my features are a little mix of both, but most people don't guess Italian right away.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Really...we have to do this? This is going to take forever to write, so lets say for now it's a work in progress.
--don't have time to fill this one out now since I'm going to meet some friends. Smart book answer: Digital Image Processing using Matlab 2nd ed. Fun book answer: Lamb, Gospel According to Biff. Required book answer: Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius.
--It's a toss up between Across the Universe and Predator.
--Doctor Who
--Old school rap and socially conscious rap. Also Jay-Z.
--Ethiopian (I'm 1/2 Ethiopian)
--Tex-mex (Border Cafe)
--Italian (favorite spot is Coppa in the South End)
The six things I could never do without
1. Fajitas. Specifically Border Cafe.
2. Dancing. You don't have to do it with me, you just need to know I'll be doing it.
3. My motorcycle, otherwise you'd see a whole lot less of me.
4. My bow ties. You'll understand later.
5. Airplanes. I don't need to be on one, I just like knowing I have the possibility of getting on one and going somewhere that serves alcohol in fruit.
6. Romance. I'm terrible for this, but I love the build-up to dating, I love that whole learning about each other period, having that "what are we talk". I like having a partner in crime who is morally obligated to bail me out of prison if the time arise. I even like eating tomatoes and pretending that I like them since you make/ordered something with extra tomatoes.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to put the lime in the coconut.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm riding on pterodactyls.

Seriously though I'm probably:
*out having dinner and something involving gin with a group of friends (Coppa, Tasty Burger, Green Street, Foundry, Five Horses, etc.)
*forcing someone to go to Addis Red Sea for some Ethiopian (i.e. Kitfo).
*hosting a themed potluck dinner party (Pi(e) Day; Meatball Battle; Salads, Salads, SALADS!)
*people watching, wherever, whenever possible
*dancing (doesn't matter where--hell yeah I'll dance in a library)
*working in lab
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm the one who tampers with the tamper seals.

I just saw that OkCupid wanted me to sign up for some pay service and one of the benefits was I could search by attractiveness. I first thought, "Who are they to tell me who is and isn't attractive? They don't know me." Followed immediately by, "Oh my God, do they think I'm attractive?" Then I was like, "Meh, it is what it is." Let me tell you, it was an intense minute and a half.

I've also just signed up for pole fitness classes because it's been far too long since I've done something random and absurd.
You should message me if
Must love pogs*.

You have an accent, or are committed to faking an accent. Boston, Irish, Russian, Midwest, any accent will do.

You are Adele and just want to belt song lyrics in my face while I cook. I'll also accept non-Adele singers and those who want to do things aside from belting song lyrics in my face.

You like what you see or read, think we are compatible, or want to give me the latest season of Doctor Who. But seriously, from what I hear from my female friends on this site, the guys do most of the emailing. In fact, if I catch your eye long enough for you to decide I'm worth emailing, I'll promise--right here, right now--I'll meet up with you for a date because I like your initiative. And I like the cut of your jib, it truly is a lovely jib.

*must not necessarily love pogs.