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32 M Tirana, Albania

My Details

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Today – 10:21am
5′ 8″ (1.73m)
Body Type
Not at all
Atheism, and very serious about it
Graduated from university
Science / Engineering
Rather not say
Relationship Status
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Doesn’t have kids
English (Fluently), Albanian (Fluently), Italian (Fluently)

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My self-summary
I am a 100'000 bin years old guy, switch, seeking a deeply kinky & emotional romance with my potential soulmate.
No limits based on appearance, gender, age, planet of origin, number of individuals involved or organic/artificial intelligence, if mutual love sparkles and physical limitations such as distance are on the right path to be conquered.

Not treating the world+internet as a big meat market place where 'the best is yet to come' (thanks Paopao69 for the quote), but at the same time not rushing it.

If you are an enlightened person with a healthy body and wicked imagination, seeking a long term relationship, hit me ;)
Let's see if our fetishes and personalities match.

I am not bipolar, but I enjoy radiating a different light towards different entities or topics, under different circumstances or in different moods. I may like to lay back and relax, and I may like to go out and shine.
Personality questions and tests on OkCupid, with a single imperfect choice, rarely can grasp "conflicting" nature.
I am eccentric, unconventional, predictable, weird, pervert, open minded, surprising, smug, modest, condescending, humble, narcissistic, egocentric, curious, inquisitive, intuitive, creative, resourceful, introvert, thrifty, cautious, impulsive, planning, carefree, intense, neat, chaotic, perfectionist, patient, edgy, organized, casual, geek, confident, strong, tender, egoistic, altruistic, passionate, obsessive, compulsive, adaptable, inflexible, uncaring, devoted, aggressive, gentle, merciless, romantic, vigorous, affectionate, grumpy, cuddly, kind, cruel, faithful, enthusiastic, eager, calm, arrogant, reserved, friendly, indifferent, reliable, reliant, free, stubborn, compliant, open, closed, optimistic, cheerful, sulky, energetic, lazy, active, fit, proud, rebel, warrior, loyal, unruly, disciplined, true, devious, precise, vague, straightforward, polite, rude, respectful, strict, tolerant, arbitrary, exact, opinionated, quiet, talkative, overanalyzing, presupposing, scientist, philosopher, idealist, realist, dreamer, adult, child, serious, silly, deep, superficial, economist, self-righteous, cool headed, kindhearted, heartless, sensitive, desensitized, independent, dependent, loving technology, fearing technology, speciesist, natural, post-natural, anti-corporate, lenient, authoritarian, possessive, anti-totalitarian, anti-G0D, divine...
If you want to know the perfectly reasonable basis for some seemingly opposite traits, just ask.
What I’m doing with my life
Keeping physically and intellectually healthy; expanding my horizons; tearing down any inner limitations imposed by myself, society or nature, and right now also seeking this emotional and kinky fulfillment that I am missing.
Waiting for the posthuman era and technological singularity so I can push my sentience beyond what I can even imagine right now.
Eternal life will be a nice bonus too.
The first things people usually notice about me
My beard.
Nothing strange, just unusual around where I live.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Reading: "The Age of Spiritual Machines", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "Janet in training", "The Foundations of Psychology", "One Thousand and One Nights", "Tregime të Motçme Shqiptare", "Altairboy", "Tom's Hardware Guide", "Wikipedia".
Movies: "Black Mirror" (all of them), "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", "The Matrix", "The Lawnmower Man", "Flatland", "The sixth sense", "Bicentenial man", "The Truman Show", "Mulholand Drive", "Being John Malkovich", the second half of "Melancholia", "The Ring", "Ace Ventura", "Il Mostro", "The Avengers", "Requiem for a Dream", "Waking Life", "Nineteen Eighty-Four", "District 9", "Catfish", "The Dark", "V for Vendetta", "La vita e` bella", "Crank", "The Thirteenth Floor", "The Butterfly Effect" (and alternative endings), "Inception", "Jumanji", "Pay it Forward", "A Beautiful Mind", "Hulk", "Moon", "Pontypool" (cool concept, and amazing what they managed to do with so little budget), "What dreams may come", "It" (minus the final revelation of evil), "The Shawshank Redemption", "Cellular", "The Box", "A.I. Artificial Intelligence", "Daybreakers", "Braveheart", "True Lies", "City of Angels", "Black Swan", "Shrek", "Die Hard 3 - With a Vengeance", "The Dark Knight", "Memento", "Hypercube" (minus exactly 5min 30sec from the end; just not watching those final 330 second before the credits), "Hudson Hawk", "Match Point", "Good Will Hunting", "Dogville", "Ivy Manor", "Primer", "Django Unchained", "Sin City", "Fight Club", "Insidious", "Insidious: Chapter 2", "Gattaca", "Enter the Void", "The Island".
Video Games: "Portal" (both), "Heroes of Might and Magic III", "The Elder Scrolls" (Oblivion and especially Skyrim), "Fable: The Lost Chapters", "Second Sight", "Kunio Kun Soccer League (Goal 3)", "Mass Effect" (all), "Gothic" (all), "The Witcher" (all), "Silent Hill 2", "Silent Hill 4 - The Room", "Tomb Raider: Legend", "Need for Speed" (2, 4 and Hot Pursuit), "Grand Theft Auto" (all of them, except GTA2 which did not come around to play. Waiting for GTA5 for PC), "Age of Empires 2", "Doom 3", "Dragon Age: Origins", "Limbo", "Braid", "Serious Sam: The First Encounter", "Beyond: Two Souls", "The Stanley Parable", "Dishonored", "The Swapper" and "Tetris".
Shows: "Star Trek" (all of them before the reboot), "House MD", "Dexter", "Dexter's Laboratory", "South Park", "Futurama", "Gargoyles", "Family Guy", "The Simpsons", "Dragon Ball" (and Z, and GT), "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (and it's alternative ending too), Shows and sketches from Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo, "Animaniacs", "Robot Chicken", "Batman: The Animated Series", "X-Files" (seasons 1 to 6), "Scrubs" (minus season 9), "Friends", "Coupling", "Death Note" (episodes 1 to 25), "The Jeselnik Offensive", "Daria".
Music: "System of a Down", "Therion", "Nightwish", "Shakira", "Evanescence", "Lindsey Stirling", "The Offspring", "Vanesa Mae", "Bond".
Food: Pizza, steak, cake, sunflower seeds
The six things I could never do without
`The fundamental forces of the universe.
`The concentration of hydrogen at the center of our solar system.
`The size and density of the third rock from the sun, resulting in a gravity pull that is acceptable for me at the surface.
`A big natural satellite orbiting this planet, keeping earth from shifting poles.
`The magnetic field of this planet that keeps solar winds from knocking earth's atmosphere into space.
`The balance of gases in the atmosphere.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Idealistic resolutions of problems the world has or does not have (yet). Like:
What would make a perfect world, and how to get there from the current stage of global development.
How to balance regulations and natural evolution of anything, from instincts to markets, in order to maximize the potential to thrive but not to oppress or devastate the world in the meanwhile.
How to nurture creativity without lawyers and economists between the artist and the art lover.
How to cherish and reward individuals with innovative ideas while pushing for collaboration.
If and where to draw the criminal offense line between threats, trolling and joking.
And how all this transforms as technology changes our lives to the core.
Will we, and should we, reach the post scarcity economy (beyond elimination of poverty)?
Real world and cyberspace post scarcity economy. Intellectual property. Currency of the future (and banking system today).
The posthuman era, and minimizing obstacles from politics or corporations on the inevitable path to it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I'd fill out a list of kinks, other than the things I am into, I would have a lot of things I would be curious about. Those are things I am willing to explore and understand better. There might be things there that don't turn me on, but don't turn me off either, and I am curious to see what the fuss is about. If my kinky soulmate is into them, then I probably will learn to be into it too. But even for things that turn me off, I am still open to exploration.
In fact I am willing to explore the whole world of perversions with the right person by my side, or tied down, or kneeling, or sitting on a throne and being worshiped...
To hell and back (as long as we will be back).
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi guys
  • Ages 18–50
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
you are a multidimensional being, out of the ordinary, weird and amazing, exception to statistics, and are looking for a long term possibly lifetime romance where heart comes first but also intimate life is spiced up with imaginative kinks.
I am not up for long distance relationship, unless temporary, while getting to know each other, with the prospect of coming together soon. But I could be a good friend at any distance.